VAIB Staff

Rev. Eddy Aliff, Executive Director

In 2008 God moved in Rev. Eddy Aliff’s heart to follow a different path. After earning a degree in biology, he felt called to teach in a Christian school. With a love for helping young people, he taught for thirty-three years from the elementary to high school level. His last twenty-six years were at Landmark Christian School in Richmond, VA.

Rev. Aliff and Dr. Knapp had been friends for many years, and over dinner in 2008, they discussed the matter of VAIB seeking a new executive director. Dr. Knapp commented on the unusual ways God often prepares a person for ministry and that he believed Eddy would be a great fit for the position of VAIB Executive Director. After a period of prayer, Rev. Aliff became convinced that this was where God was leading in his life. He accepted the position in 2010 and with the same zeal and compassion of his predecessors, he has fervently worked in the government arena to lobby for religious liberty and the conservative values upheld by VAIB. Rev. Aliff continues to cultivate key relationships with legislators and government officials and to encourage those in independent Baptist churches in Virginia to “be a voice” with him to influence change.

Working beside many godly leaders is a godly spouse, and Rev. Aliff’s wife, Carol, has tirelessly worked alongside her husband in this ministry. Besides managing the office and taking care of many “behind the scenes” activities, she also travels with her husband as he presents the ministry of VAIB to independent Baptist churches throughout the state.

Carol Aliff, Administrative Assistant

Eddy and Carol have been married since 1975 and began serving in the ministry together in 1976. Carol now works with him in this ministry as his administrative assistant. While she worked many years in the Christian school ministry, she was trained as a Registered Nurse and has worked on and off in this capacity throughout the years.

Her work in the office is critical in helping her husband carry out the work of VAIB. Prior to coming to work with her husband, she served as the Director of Nurses of a continuing-care retirement community in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Prior to that, she taught nursing students for several years in the Richmond area.

Eddy and Carol have three grown children.