VAIB Staff

Rev. Eddy Aliff, Executive Director

Rev. Eddy Aliff is a native of Sandston, Virginia. After receiving his BS in biology from the University of Richmond (VA), he began teaching in the Christian school at Fellowship Baptist Church, Richmond, VA, where he was saved in 1971. He and his wife, Carol, taught in this Christian school from 1976 until 1980. God then moved them to a Christian school in Arkansas from 1980 to 1983, where he also served as youth pastor. In 1983 God moved the Aliffs back to Richmond to work at Landmark Baptist Church. During his 26 years at Landmark, he has served in various capacities and ministries of the church which helped to prepare him for the work ahead. 

In 2008 God began closing out his ministry at Landmark and directing him to a new ministry. In September 2009, Eddy was named the assistant executive director of the assembly and in September 2010 he was installed as the Executive Director. In this capacity he serves as a "watchdog” to the General Assembly of Virginia and monitors agency regulations which affect the churches of VAIB.

Eddy and Carol live in Hanover County, Virginia, and have three grown children. 

Carol Aliff, Administrative Assistant

Eddy and Carol have been married since 1975 and began serving in the ministry together in 1976. Carol now works with him in this ministry as his administrative assistant. While she worked many years in the Christian school ministry, she was trained as a Registered Nurse and has worked on and off in this capacity throughout the years.

Her work in the office is critical in helping her husband carry out the work of VAIB. Prior to coming to work with her husband, she served as the Director of Nurses of a continuing-care retirement community in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Prior to that, she taught nursing students for several years in the Richmond area.

Eddy and Carol have three grown children.