Changing the Rules: Attempt to Make Abortion Centers Even Less Safe

Released: Friday, November 02, 2018

This summer, the Virginia Board of Health announced it would revisit regulations for licensure of abortion facilities “that perform five or more first trimester abortions per month.” The Board of Health will “amend the regulation after assessment and receipt of public comment.”

In a brazen move, the Board of Health offered no specific changes for Virginians to respond to. The goal of Governor Northam’s pro-abortion administration is clear: to claw back common-sense health and safety standards for abortion centers.

The comment period ended on October 31 with 1,118 online posts. Some of the comments promoted positive health measures, including “inspections to verify that ultrasounds have been performed at least 24 hours prior to every abortion.” Other posts were as awful as you can imagine and promote the murder of unborn babies with no recognition that so-called “choice” ends the life of a child.

We will update you about the Board of Health’s next step in the regulatory amendment process. In the meantime, please pray for the mothers of unborn children in Virginia:

“Lord, please grant wisdom and protection to young, scared, and abused young women who are confused and feel alone. Let them know you love each woman and her unborn baby. Protect mothers from the lies of Planned Parenthood and their anti-life government conspirators.”