Reading, Writing, Irrationality

Released: Friday, March 29, 2019

One of the nation’s most powerful lobbying groups and THE largest union, the National Education Association (NEA), conspired with the ironically named Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in an attempt to indoctrinate young children into believing their God-given gender may be wrong. This is especially disturbing in the wake of a recent study on the “social contagion” of gender confusion being validated.

During the NEA’s “Read Across America Day,” an unrevealed number of Virginia schools hosted HRC representatives to read books glorifying homosexuality and gender confusion, such as “I Am Jazz” and “Julian Is a Mermaid.” The Washington Post revealed at least one elementary school in Arlington hosted the program.

A biological male named Sarah read to a group of kindergarteners at Ashlawn Elementary. The first book introduces Jazz as a character born with “a girl brain and a boy body” and promotes gender confusion to the reader (or, in this case, the unprotected listeners). Sarah claimed he was “like Jazz.” Julian’s story revolves around his dressing like a mermaid with lipstick and a curtain around his waist. Fearing disapproval from his grandmother, Julian smiles when she gives him a necklace and suggests the two join the mermaid parade (a real annual event in Coney Island, NY).

This General Assembly Session, your prayers and support helped stop several bills that would have carved out special rights around gender identity and sexual orientation. Please continue to pray and share articles like this as the truths of God’s Word continue to be assaulted.