Released: Monday, July 02, 2018

Two words which often pop up in today’s news are inclusion and diversity. These are key words used by certain groups to gain acceptance and approval. These seem to be good words to use. Should we exclude people? Isn’t it better that there be acceptance of different types of people in every circle of life? This is neither true nor practical. Is “just anyone” able to play professional sports or can “everyone” attend Harvard? These are rhetorical questions because the obvious answer is no. Can everyone be given some level of opportunity to play a sport? In general, yes. But here again we have exceptions.

The use of the term inclusion is intended to prevent discrimination against certain individuals or groups. Therefore, in the mindset of those who push this term, there is never a reason to discriminate. In the same argument, the term diversity is used by those who push this term to say that if there is a group not represented in certain arenas, say for example in a university’s student body or in a company’s employee pool. For the sake of being “socially correct,” there must be a balance in the numbers of each “type” of individual. All of this is being done by certain groups to accomplish their goals, one of which seems to be that everyone must accept anyone for the sake of inclusion and diversity.

Where has this taken us? Down a path which ultimately leads to failure and unfulfillment. Read for yourself in this editorial by Walter E. Williams entitled “Diversity and Inclusion Harm” posted on June 13, 2018.

Rev. Eddy Aliff

Executive Director

Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists