Released: Monday, June 04, 2018

As Christians, we should be aware that the world-system does not agree with biblical values. Therefore, it should not shock us when those who promote nondiscrimination protections for LGBT call us “wicked.” I have personally had the same accusations thrown at me when I speak on behalf of VAIB to oppose such bills in Virginia. And because of elections, Virginia is seeing more money backing organizations like Equality Virginia which are pushing for LGBT nondiscrimination legislation. That is why your help is needed to keep VAIB on the frontlines opposing these efforts. And your vote is needed in every election to support those who stand with us. 

Here is an instance of a wealthy individual, Tim Gill, who is funding efforts to see similar legislation pass in Pennsylvania. This has been a trend over the past decades to pour money into states where the balance of power in state legislatures has shifted to being more liberal and opposing biblical values. Read more here. Submitted by Eddy Aliff, Executive Director VAIB