Are our children in danger?

Released: Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dear Friend,

This letter represents the roll out of our new monthly letter, VirginiaVoice. This letter will update you on current events and ministry activities, and it will emphasize one of the three key aspects of our mission: Strengthen, Educate, Involve.

Effort to Change Requirements for Sprinklers for Small Christian Schools Defeated!

An effort to require fire sprinklers in new construction of very small Christian schools was defeated on October 28, 2013, at the Department of Housing and Community Development Code Change meeting. This has been an ongoing fight for nearly ten years by some who want to be sure our Christian school children are safe. But the question is: “Are our children in danger?” Visit our web site to learn more information.

Our Travels

For nine months out of the year, Carol and I travel to churches to educate them regarding issues of concern to independent Baptists in Virginia. Most of these issues relate to work done at the General Assembly session from January to April. Some issues remain year after year. Pray for us as we seek “to advance the rights, values, and liberties of the independent Baptists in Virginia.”

If your church would like to have us come and give an update on current issues and give a presentation of what is involved in the work of VAIB, please contact our office at 804-789-0150 or email me at

Elections and the 2014 General Assembly Session

The next session begins January 8, and some new faces will be present as a result of the elections on November 5th. While I had personal preferences regarding who I would have liked to see elected, truly God knows best and our work continues. VAIB is currently working to have legislation introduced to help reduce the storm water fees paid by churches. Although not all churches are currently paying this fee, it has been made abundantly clear that it is coming to more and more localities as a result of pressure from the Environmental Protection Agency. For this legislation to pass, we need support from at least 51 Delegates, 21 Senators, or a tie-breaking vote by the new Lt. Governor, and finally the signature of the Governor. Elections do matter! 

Internship Opportunity

VAIB was contacted recently by Representative Randy Forbes regarding an internship opportunity this December. If you are a college student and interested in this opportunity, visit our web site to learn more information.

Rebranding of VAIB

If you came to our yearly conference (annual meeting) this past September, you heard the details of our rebranding project and saw the new look of VAIB. To keep you up to date on the goals and vision of the ministry, one of two visionUPDATE letters will be coming to you soon. This letter will preview our future goals. As VAIB moves forward, we must have a plan to achieve these goals. And as we draw near to the conference in September, we must review the year to see how well we accomplished our goals.

One visible aspect of our ministry that needed an upgrade was our web site. So, to better inform you, we are providing “News & Events,” archived VirginiaVoice monthly update letters, and, under the “Educate” tab, many articles detailing the history of and important issues faced by VAIB. See how the VAIB has made a difference in Virginia!

“Your voice for Christian liberties”



Rev. Eddy Aliff
Executive Director
Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists


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