Letter from the Moderator

Released: Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Dear Pastor,

Since 1977, Virginia Independent Baptists have assembled annually to encourage and inform one another concerning religious freedom in the Commonwealth. Whether directly or indirectly, all of our ministries have greatly benefitted from the efforts of VAIB over these many years. And the need is as urgent today as it has ever been! As we plan to meet again for the thirty-eighth time, I encourage you to make plans to attend September 18–19 as we unveil our “ONE Voice for Liberties Conference.” Every member of the steering committee is asking for your prayers and presence at this meeting.

We are all aware that ministries such as this are in need of ongoing financial support. And Brother Eddy is very grateful for every pastor and church that has sacrificially given to VAIB in the past. This year is no different regarding the help that is needed to continue this vital ministry here in Virginia. So, would you consider receiving a special offering at your church and bringing it to the conference for VAIB to continue as your voice for religious liberties? If you are not able to attend, would you send an offering to assist with the cost of the conference? Any gift is greatly appreciated and will be most helpful.

Great victories have been won in this past year’s General Assembly in Richmond, but there is more work to be done. Without your voice being carried to the leaders of Virginia, we risk losing the accomplishments of the past. I anticipate a blessing once again from the information presented by Brother Eddy on the events of this past year. More importantly, I am excited for the preaching of God’s Word to challenge us for the future.

May the Lord bless you abundantly in your ministry!

In His Service,


Pastor Ray Haskett
Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists

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