Preparing for 2014 General Assembly Session

Released: Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dear Friend,

Preparing for 2014 General Assembly Session

In life change is inevitable. This is true for the upcoming General Assembly session which begins January 8, 2014. Even now there are elections still to be held to fill the vacancy of Senator Ralph Northam, who was elected Lt. Governor; to fill the vacancy of Senator Mark Herring who was elected Attorney General; to fill the vacancy of Delegate Onzlee Ware of Roanoke; and perhaps other surprises coming soon regarding various legislators. Life stays busy here in Richmond!

Another change which will impact the session is a new governor, Terry McAuliffe. He has the last word on all legislation coming across his desk. Pray for Gov. McAuliffe to uphold conservative values in the best interests of Virginia.

And please pray for us as we speak as “your voice for Christian liberties” both at the General Assembly and other government venues.

We NEED you and your congregation to sign up today for CapitolALERTS to strengthen our voice in the capital. Go to to sign up.

2013 in Review

As we look back over 2013, we see how good God has been. We were able to schedule fifty-two churches, most of which were supporting churches. How thankful we are for those churches who continue to see the value of VAIB and faithfully support the ministry! But there has been a gradual decline in financial support over the past four years, which is impacting the viability of the ministry. It has been encouraging to receive word from a few non-supporting churches of their intention to support VAIB in the near future. But I have been challenged by the knowledge that there are still many independent Baptist churches in Virginia who do not know about VAIB and what God has done through this ministry to benefit all of these churches. 

During the 2013 General Assembly session, we were very pleased with how God worked. Out of the 2500 pieces of legislation introduced, our efforts focused on about fifty bills. We were thrilled that of those bills we opposed, none passed; and of those bills we supported, seventy-five percent were ratified! God is good!

2014 in Perspective    

Work is being done to improve the support level of VAIB by focusing on non-supporting churches. We are working to “advance the rights, values, and liberties of independent Baptists in Virginia” by being “your voice for Christian liberties.” But we need more “voices” to stand with us! We were introduced to several churches this year who had never heard of VAIB and which were excited to see what has been accomplished through the ministry. 

There is an earnest need for VAIB to continue to do its work on behalf of independent Baptist churches. Maybe your church is not involved with the VAIB currently but wants to help. Here is what we are asking non-supporting churches to do to become a supporting church:

  1. Plan a “VAIB Sunday” when you will inform your church about the ministry using materials provided by VAIB or by scheduling Rev. Eddy Aliff to give a presentation.
  2. Take a special “VAIB offering” during “VAIB Sunday.”
  3. Pray for VAIB to be effective as “your voice for Christian liberties.”
  4. Become involved by signing up for CapitolALERTS to add your voice to ours.

Presently, 171 churches out of 458 on our mailing list support VAIB financially. Our goal is to see 50% of the independent Baptist churches in Virginia be involved with us at some level. We believe we can more than double our number of supporting churches if churches will schedule a “VAIB Sunday” as discussed above.

Will you consider partnering with the VAIB in 2014? Please contact our office if you want to receive materials for a “VAIB Sunday” or if you want to schedule Rev. Eddy Aliff to present the ministry to your church. You can contact us at 804-789-0150 or at

Pray for us as we continue to be . . . “your voice for Christian liberties.”


Rev. Eddy Aliff
Executive Director
Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists

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