May 8, 2020

Released: Friday, May 08, 2020

Churches may resume in-person meetings after May 15!

On Friday, May 8, Governor Ralph Northam updated guidelines for COVID-19 restrictions in Virginia. These guidelines will go into effect after Friday, May 15. As I mentioned in my April newsletter, the need for those in our churches to assemble is a critical element of our faith. I’m thankful that Governor Northam will allow churches to return to regular meetings on May 17 with certain restrictions. Church meetings are restricted to 50% capacity (which applies to auditorium capacity) with increased sanitation of the facility.

Does this mean every church should immediately begin having regular, in-person services and activities? No. But I’m thankful for the option to do so. It will be a joy to come together and lift our voices in praise to the Lord!

I want you to know that the steering committee has been working for weeks on whether to address the governor directly on this matter. A letter was prepared to be sent next week if the restriction had not been lifted. But the crisis is not over. COVID-19 is still active and a threat. Prayers and precautions are still needed.

Let’s thank the Lord (and even the governor) for allowing churches to resume meetings.


Eddy Aliff

Executive Director