Is your church constitution up-to-date?

Released: Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Dear Pastor,

Is your church constitution up-to-date?

I have encouraged churches to update their church constitutions in previous letters, but now there is urgency to this consideration. The US Supreme Court is to decide on two cases involving recognition in all 50 states of same-sex marriages done in other states. Various legal experts have suggested some churches may be open to lawsuits on the grounds of discrimination based on sexual orientation. For more information, I suggest going to the Baptist Press site at or to the Christian Law Association site at to obtain resource materials on this topic.

Legislation Spotlight

  1. HB1617 (Todd Gilbert) and SB1074 (Mark Obenshain) prohibiting discrimination of religious student groups by public universities.

    Over the past five years, several instances have occurred on state colleges and universities where religious student groups were denied continuing recognition due to changes in policies by these state colleges and universities. In one case, the issue was resolved such that the university rescinded these policies and reinstated the religious student group. In another case, the student group was not reinstated. Therefore, these identical bills were introduced thanks to the efforts of a group which works for conservative values and protections of religious freedom issues.

I also want to say “Thank You!” for the work by the patrons, Delegate Todd Gilbert and Senator Mark Obenshain. These legislators have “weathered the storm” of intense opposition by certain groups who are pushing agendas to expand protections for sexual orientation. Please contact these legislators to show your appreciation for their hard work and strong support for conservative values.
Bills on our radar which are still active!

We are thankful that bills we support which are still active are continuing to move forward. For our “2013 General Assembly Update” of bills we are following, please go to our website.


In His Service,

Eddy Aliff
Executive Director

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