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Released: Sunday, September 02, 2018

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Volume 8 | August 25, 2018

Conference in one month! Go online to register.

One Voice for Liberties Conference | September 27-28, 2018

Future Conference Dates:  Sep. 26-27, 2019   Sep. 24-25, 2020   Sep. 23-24, 2021

Strengthen: Building Relationships

Two important ways we work to strengthen religious liberty include keeping informed of the issues and pursuing strategic relationships. This is accomplished primarily through my efforts as I work with and monitor the General Assembly each year. This requires my full attention beginning in January and ending as late as the second week in March. While VAIB does not endorse particular political parties or candidates, it becomes evident very quickly who supports our positions. Each year, I invite some of these supportive legislators to our conference so you can meet them and ask them questions. You can then see what I see—public servants with a desire to do what is right for God and for Virginia.

Educate: Passing a Law Is Not the End of the Matter

Once legislation is passed by the General Assembly, it is passed off to the agency charged with implementing the law. Regulations are then drawn up to do just that. Sometimes it takes two years to draw up regulations in order to allow for public comment and input. This is a good thing to ensure what was actually intended by the legislation is what gets put into practice. One of my roles is to track this process in various agencies whose regulations may impact our churches and related ministries. And I regularly speak in agency meetings for or against these regulations.

This process, however, is not “one and done.” Every four or five years, regulations are reviewed for needed updates and revisions. Because every agency is under the purview of the governor, it is possible that policy changes could be made that reflect the current administration’s point of view. Reading through regulation changes, attending meetings to speak to these changes, and building relationships with these officials is just another aspect of my work—something I’m honored to do on your behalf and for which I covet your prayers.

Involve: ONE Voice for Liberties Conference Coming Soon!

Since my last letter, many have registered for the conference. Thank you! But I hope many more will plan to attend and register today at

I want you to be aware that VAIB uses the Hampton Inn Richmond Airport for its speakers. The hotel has reserved additional rooms for other attendees at a rate of $104 plus tax per night for a king room or one with two queen beds (so long as there is availability). If you are interested in making a reservation there, you must call the Hampton Inn Richmond Airport directly at 804.226.1888 and ask for the “VA Assembly of Independent Baptists’ rate.” The hotel is located at 421 International Drive, Sandston, VA 23150.

Whether you work and can only attend the evening sessions or you come to every session, please join us for the ONE Voice for Liberties Conference. Let’s rally together as independent Baptists to stand for religious liberty! Register at

Pastors and friends of VAIB, will you consider a special offering to help with conference expenses? There is no charge for our conference, and it would be a great blessing if all the expenses for the meeting were met through offerings. Let me thank you in advance for your help and support.

Closing Thoughts

How many times have you heard it said, “This is probably the most important election in recent history, and your vote is critical!” I’m afraid people have become desensitized to the constant barrage of highly charged, emotional statements regarding elections. Too few actually cast their vote, which means those who are elected win on just a small percentage of those who are registered to vote. Virginia has elections every year. The consequences of elections may seem small at times, but there is the real possibility of radical change after an election.

While the rise of Hitler was gradual (over ten years), when he rose to power in 1933, he was able to hijack an entire country, becoming a ruthless dictator. Hitler was a political appointee, having been appointed chancellor of Germany by the elected President von Hindenburg. Hitler’s radical changes and ruthless tactics eventually led to world war and the collapse of the country he was supposed to serve.

Lest you read more into this analogy than is meant, I am making no comparison to our current political situation nor am I labeling anyone in the current arena as a “Hitler!” What I am saying is that elections have consequences, and our responsibility is to be vigilant and cast our votes. We should research the positions of candidates, vote in every election (and primaries!), and exercise our right to speak to our elected officials on matters of concern. And that is where the work of VAIB comes into play keeping you informed and involving you in the process.

Thank you for standing with VAIB.

Your voice for Christian liberties!
Eddy Aliff
Executive Director

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