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Released: Monday, April 02, 2018

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March 25, 2018

Strengthen: General Assembly Update

The General Assembly is in a holding pattern. Most of the bills for the 2018 session are finished, but the budget bills are up in the air. Fortunately, VAIB doesn't have a stake in that debate except to remind legislators, "Don't raise our taxes!"

So, how many bills did VAIB have an interest in? With over 3700 pieces of legislation introduced, my plate was full and spilling over! Here's the overview:

We opposed 70, with 69 defeated! 
We supported 35, with 13 passing (10 still may pass).

The "historical horse racing bill" (HB1609) is the final bill we opposed that is still active. It appears the governor will sign the bill after comments reported in the news. Even he admitted this would move Virginia to expand gambling similarly to casinos. It’s been my feeling all along that this was an attempt to appease the potential buyer of Colonial Downs to make it a year-round gambling destination.

VAIB has always opposed gambling because of the "baggage" it brings with it—gambling addiction, destroyed families, and other criminal activities. This is not the type of business that builds our economy and strengthens families. If you want to express one last word on the matter, contact Governor Ralph Northam at 804-786-2211 and ask him to VETO HB1609.   

Educate: ONE Voice for Liberties Conference

Each September, independent Baptists of Virginia are invited to a yearly meeting and conference. Held on the last Thursday and Friday of September, the next ONE Voice for Liberties Conference will be September 27-28 at Landmark Baptist Church in Richmond. We appreciate Pastor Don Sumpter hosting our forty-second meeting.

The focus of our conference is to raise awareness of issues confronting our churches and God's people, helping you better understand how to use your voice on these important issues. 

Below is an overview of our meeting schedule, which begins on Thursday, September 27, at 7 PM and concludes on Friday, September 28, at 9 PM.

Thursday, September 27, at 7 PM: 

Federal legislator message (TBD)
Tim Barton, WallBuilders, historical presentation
Bible message from Moderator Todd McClure of Centerville Baptist Church, South Boston, VA

Friday, September 28:

9 AM - VAIB business meeting, open to all independent Baptists of Virginia
10 AM - Forum 1: Darren Myers, Freedom Focus Ministry
11 AM - Forum 2: Jeremy Dys, First Liberty Institute
Noon to 2 PM - Lunch at local restaurants
2 PM - Forum 3: Jeremy Dys, First Liberty Institute
3 PM - Forum 4: Eddy Aliff, executive director VAIB
4 PM - Forum 5: General Assembly panel Q&A (participants TBD)
5 PM to 7 PM - Dinner at local restaurants
7 PM - State legislator message (TBD)

Registration is open! Please go to our website or call our office (804-299-3986) to register or to get more information.

Put these future conference dates on your calendar!

September 26-27, 2019
September 24-25, 2020
September 23-24, 2021

Involve: What Can You Do?

God uses people to carry out His mission through our local churches. He’s given talents to each of us in order to make our churches effective. But no matter what your talents, VAIB wants you to know we need you to be involved in what we do—your involvement is crucial to our success.

Schedule a meeting: Pastor, you can schedule VAIB to give an update in your church. We travel all over Virginia, ministering in churches of all sizes. You can schedule either Eddy Aliff or Joe Naylor by contacting our office at 804-299-3986 or
Give financial support: Our support comes from churches and individuals who have taken on VAIB as a missions project. If your church cannot send regular support, would you consider a yearly offering to VAIB?
14K Voices Campaign: Sign up for VAIB emails so you can be informed and respond when called upon to contact your legislator or other government official. Sign up today at!
Pray: Ultimately, our success depends upon God's blessing. Will you pray for God to open the hearts and minds of legislators and others in government to look favorably on our efforts?

Closing Thoughts

With nearly 500 independent Baptist churches in Virginia, we have incredible potential to influence our legislators. More importantly, we have great opportunity to influence the lives of all Virginians and even the world for Christ. Being an active part of your church is vital. Make each day count for Christ.

Your voice for Christian liberties!

Eddy Aliff
Executive Director

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