Virginia VOICE April 2014

Released: Monday, May 04, 2015

Legislative Update 

Most introduced legislation does not become law. Only about eight hundred of the over twenty-seven hundred became law this year. Does this mean our legislature is ineffective? Absolutely not! It means that the process works. Careful consideration and debate dissects and examines each issue. Be thankful for how well our system works. 

We are thankful that HB1570 and SB1168 have passed in the form VAIB wanted protecting religious exempt day cares from unnecessary changes in background checks. Unfortunately, this must be addressed in the 2016 session due to directives from the federal block grant program for day cares. We strongly encourage our religious exempt day cares to carefully screen workers and follow guidelines set out by the Department of Social Services. The national background checks are more thorough and slightly more expensive. However, in this day and time, it will only take one mistake, one tragedy for the legislature to change or even delete what VAIB fought ten years in court case to achieve. If you have a religious exempt day care, be sure you are following the regulations to protect children in your care and protect this religious liberty. 

Same-sex marriage issue before the US Supreme Court 

Pray for the US Supreme Court as it considers the same-sex marriage issue. Arguments were presented on April 28. VAIB stands firmly for biblical marriage. It would be unfortunate for a court to overturn the will of the people in states like Virginia who voted for marriage between one man and one woman. Yet, we must remember that no matter what man says, God has the last and final word. 

Plan now to attend our ONE Voice for Liberties Conference 

Pastor, encourage your people to register online for our annual conference on September 17-18. There is no charge to come, so join us as we are challenged with some tough topics. For thirty-nine years, independent Baptists have met to be educated in order to be an effective voice for religious liberties. 

Join us again at Landmark Baptist Church (Pastor Don Sumpter), 4000 Creighton Rd, Richmond VA 23223 on September 17-18. The conference opens on Thursday evening at 7PM. The meeting will continue on Friday from 9AM to 9PM. The annual business meeting which is open to everyone will be at 9AM on Friday. 

If you need lodging, please make reservations immdiately due to a special cycling event which expects to bring thousands of visitors to Richmond during the same time. Unfortunately, VAIB has been unable to secure special pricing. 

Every person attending should register. Pastor, be sure to register your wife if she is coming. We are preparing conference materials and name badges for each person registered. 

Go now to or call our office at 804-299-3986. 

Thank you for giving! 

If you are a regular supporting church or a once-a-year giving church, thank you for financially investing in VAIB. Our ministry support level continues to be about 85%. There is so much more we want to do, so pray for more churches to get on board. We have been in many new churches already this year. This fall still has openings, so call our office if your church is interested. 

The post office has contacted us regarding the many letters being forwarded from our old address. To avoid delays in VAIB receiving your support, be sure you have updated your records with our new address and phone number: 

PO Box 6686 
Ashland, VA 23005 

Phone: Office 804-299-3986 or Eddy’s cell 804-614-5712 

Your voice for Christian liberties! 

Eddy Aliff 
Executive Director 

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