Virginia Voice April 25, 2017

Released: Friday, May 05, 2017

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April 25, 2017

Veto Session Update

As I have stated in the past, most of my work is defensive—stopping bad legislation. Out of fifty bills we opposed, only three passed. But the impact of a governor who supports values in opposition to those of the VAIB (and most people!) cannot be minimized. Gov. McAuliffe will go down in Virginia history as the governor who made the most number of vetoes over his four-year term and whose vetoes were not overturned. This shows the stark contrast between the majority of conservative legislators who put in good bills only to have them stopped by Gov. Terry McAuliffe with the help of Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam who also stopped bills in the Senate with his tie-breaking vote.

Friends, we must not let this happen in the upcoming election on November 7!  But before that, there are primaries in June to determine who will be running in November. And there may be some “independents” running. I will give you updates later in the summer, but you need to be properly informed now in order to vote for the best candidates in the primaries.

To have leaders with the right values, we need to vote. Will you encourage those in your church and others you know to get out and vote?

Transgender cases and the Courts

While the Gloucester County teenager had his/her case thrown out when our President did the right thing to have the Department of Justice drop its lawsuit, this matter will not just go away. I believe within the next several years a case will be heard that will directly impact this matter. North Carolina continues to have its laws in place clarifying who should be using which dressing room or restroom facility. Biology should dictate. Texas is now considering the same type of legislation. Virginia may need to follow suit if some activist judges continue to make decisions based on personal opinion and not the rule of law.

The Work of VAIB

Our nation is in a mess because of sin. The solution is in churches which are preaching the Gospel and staying true to the Word of God. Meanwhile, VAIB will continue to do its work. I will continue to be at the General Assembly, at Washington D.C., and in agencies which impact our churches. I will continue to visit churches to give updates, as will VAIB representative Joseph Naylor. I will continue to seek out churches which are not involved and not supporting VAIB to enlist their help.

Thank you—to pastors and churches who support VAIB! Some give regularly, some give yearly. Some give when they can. Our work helps every church. If your church currently does not give, will you prayerfully consider the value of giving no matter the amount?

Thank you—to individuals who give. VAIB has greatly benefitted from individuals who give directly to this ministry. VAIB has no desire for individuals to reduce their giving to church missions. Yet, we welcome those who have helped improve our financial stability. If you want to give, please make your check to VAIB and send it to PO Box 6686, Ashland VA 23005. You can also give through PayPal on our web site here.

Thank you for your prayers which make such a difference in our success!

Registration Open for ONE Voice for Liberties Conference

Register now for our conference being held September 28-29, 2017, at Landmark Baptist Church (Pastor Don Sumpter), 4000 Creighton Rd, Richmond VA 23223. The purpose of our conference is to fulfill our mission and to Strengthen.Educate.Involve. This year’s schedule will be the same as last year’s. Tim Barton of WallBuilders will be back each night to provide more insights into our nation’s spiritual heritage. There will be uplifting music and spiritually encouraging preaching each evening. We plan to have a “Pastors’ choir” on Friday night, so we need pastors to come ready to sing!

Register now or send me an email with your information and anyone who will be attending with you to You can even call our office at 804-299-3986.

Your voice for Christian liberties!


Eddy Aliff

Executive Director


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