Virginia Voice Dec. 5, 2016

Released: Monday, December 05, 2016

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November 28, 2016

Add to your calendar-- Future Conference Dates Sept. 28-29, 2017 Sept. 27-28, 2018 Sept. 26-27, 2019 Sept. 24-25, 2020. 

Dear Pastor and Friends,

Thank you for taking time to keep up with the VAIB. You’ll notice the box to the right has the dates for our conferences through 2020. I hope you’ll put them on your calendar. By the time you receive this letter, this year’s work will be done. Here’s a quick look:

  • We had a reasonably successful legislative session for the 2016 General Assembly and in other government meetings.
  • We were in fifty-four churches with twenty-six churches being non-supporting!
  • Praise God for eight new supporting churches!
  • Praise God for a fantastic ONE Voice for Liberties Conference this past September

Join me at the Capitol!

The 2017 General Assembly session is coming. It runs from January 11 through February 25. I will be there every weekday and you’re welcome to join me! Two special days have been planned. If neither day works for you, plan another day to visit.

Opening Day Prayer Walk: In conjunction with other groups, the VAIB will be participating in a Prayer Walk around the Richmond Capitol from 11 AM to noon on Wednesday, January 11, the opening day of the General Assembly. Join me, members of the VAIB Steering Committee and their wives as we pray for our elected officials. All pastors and church members are invited to attend. We will meet at 11 AM at the statue of George Washington on the Capitol grounds. Call the office if you have questions or plan to attend: 804-299-3986.

VAIB Pastors and Prayer Day: On January 24 from 10 AM to 2 PM, all independent Baptist pastors (and their wives) are invited to join me at the Richmond Capitol to meet and pray for their delegates and senators. I’ll provide you with information on meeting with your legislators and voicing your concerns on the issues. Look for a postcard in December giving more details. Call the office if you have questions or plan to attend: 804-299-3986. 

Meet Our New VAIB Representative!

Increasing the number of churches working with the VAIB will strengthen our voice with legislators. Having the full support of the Steering Committee, the VAIB is expanding its outreach to churches. Of the nearly five-hundred independent Baptist churches in Virginia, I still have over two-hundred to contact! To help me accomplish this task faster, I have hired a VAIB Representative.

The VAIB Representative is a part-time position. He will be providing updates to supporting churches while I focus on getting our message to those churches which are not supporting. Pray for God to provide “open doors” to these churches and then to move them to support the VAIB. This will provide the needed finances to support the VAIB Representative and for future staff who can help lobby during the General Assembly.

The VAIB Representative is Joe Naylor. I am so thankful for Joe’s willingness to help in this ministry. For the past ten years, Joe has been a Virginia State Trooper. He and his wife, Marty, have been involved in ministering in churches over thirty years. They are members of Landmark Baptist Church in Richmond (Pastor Don Sumpter) and she is a teacher at Landmark Christian School. He is also a chaplain with the Virginia State Police and has been a lay pastor many years prior to becoming a state trooper.  

2017 Schedule

Carol is working to fill our 2017 schedule for me and for Joe Naylor. Since Joe is a full-time state trooper, Carol will be working to schedule supporting churches on dates that he is available. I am glad to come on other dates. Maybe you have a date in mind. Please call our office at 804-299-3986 to get the date you want.  

As the Christmas season approaches, Carol and I send these thoughts:

     May God richly bless and strengthen you for the work ahead.

     May you take time to be with and show your love to family and friends.

     May you know the joy and peace that only Christ provides.

Merry Christmas!

Your voice for Christian liberty,

Eddy Aliff

Executive Director

Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists