VIRGINIA VOICE February 2015

Released: Wednesday, March 04, 2015

2015 General Assembly Review

Whew! After sorting through 2700+ pieces of legislation, I am glad to see a good ending to this year’s session. The session started off with nearly two-hundred bills of concern to VAIB but it eventually reduced to just under ninety. Thankfully 95% of bills we opposed failed to report protecting gains of the past four years in the areas of abortion and parental rights in educating their children while preventing unreasonable special protections for sexual orientations contrary to scripture. Go to for a list of many bills VAIB worked on as your voice for Christian liberties.

Time to Travel!

March begins our travels to inform and update churches on issues of concern tour churches. We thank God for the new churches which have begun supporting VAIB seeing the vision of advancing the rights, values and liberties of the independent Baptists. We still have room in our 2015 schedule, but if your schedule if full, you can call to add us to your 2016 schedule. We appreciate your prayers and financial support more than can be expressed in this letter. But you can help even more by asking pastors you know if they are involved with VAIB; then you can pass on our contact information. The more churches behind VAIB, the more “Your voice for Christian liberties” will be heard. 

ONE Voice for Liberties Conference September 17-18, 2015: Registration now open!

For thirty-eight years, VAIB has met yearly to strengthen, educate and involve the independent Baptists. This year the schedule is packed with seven forums involving up to ten speakers to touch on areas impacting our churches. A few speakers have yet to confirm, but all slots will be filled by the time the conference arrives. If you need lodging for the conference, please make your reservations soon. With a world cycling event at the same time competing for rooms, VAIB is unable to get special pricing or hold rooms for our participants. This conference will challenge you in areas that I believe, as Christians, we all need. There is no charge for the conference, but we ask that you register so we can prepare materials for all who attend. VAIB does receive offerings during the meeting to help underwrite the costs, so we ask that each church bring an offering to help and even encourage those who plan to attend to give an offering during the conference. 

Your voice for Christian liberties!

Eddy Aliff
Executive Director

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