Virginia VOICE February 2016

Released: Thursday, March 03, 2016


September 15-16, 2016 | ONE Voice for Liberties Conference 
At Landmark Baptist Church, Richmond, VA 

2016 General Assembly—Almost Done! 

For the second year, the number of bills requiring VAIB’s involvement hovered around one-hundred. This is much more than I experienced in my first several years. Over 2900 pieces of legislation were introduced! Truly, this is a huge task for one person. Thankfully, of the forty-five bills we opposed, only two passed. Of the forty-two bills we supported, nearly half have passed at the writing of this letter. Go to for a list of some of the bills VAIB worked on as your voice for Christian liberties. 

Gambling in Virginia 

In its yearly Resolutions, VAIB has consistently opposed gambling due to its general harm on society. Virginia permits the lottery (with its endless varieties of scratchers) and at one time had a functioning horse racing track at Colonial Downs. Both of these had to be approved by referendum. Neither has been the “cash cows” they were made out to be. Colonial Downs is now closed. Now, “Fantasy Sports” gambling may be a regulated activity in Virginia. Testimony by those in support of HB775 and SB646 say it is allowed by a 2006 federal law and needs to be regulated to protect its citizens. I disagree. I see it as an opportunity for online activities like this to turn into gambling habits, and for the state to pull in some quick, albeit small, revenue. 

One company sent six “experts” (lobbyists) from out of state and paid a high-profile in state lobbyist to convince our legislators all is well. Do you think that these companies spent millions of dollars this year lobbying in twenty states just to be sure their industry was regulated? No! There is more at stake here. It’s not clear now, but it will become evident down the road. 

Visiting Churches 

Late March begins our travels to inform and update churches regarding the work of VAIB. We thank God for the new churches which have begun supporting just this year. We still have room in our 2016 schedule, or we can put you on our 2017 schedule. Call the office at 804-299-3986 or email me at 

ONE Voice for Liberties Conference September 15-16, 2016: Registration now open! 

For thirty-nine years, VAIB has met yearly to strengthen, educate and involve the independent Baptists. Speakers are being lined up and will include state Senators and Delegates, a Congressman, a lawyer, and more! 

Please Register. This conference will encourage you in areas that we all need. There is no charge for the conference, but we ask that you register so we will have sufficient materials prepared. VAIB will receive offerings during the meeting. Would your church help by bringing or sending a special offering? 

Your voice for Christian liberties! 

Eddy Aliff 
Executive Director 

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