Preparing for the 2017 General Assembly

Released: Thursday, January 05, 2017

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Dear Friend,

Preparing for the 2017 General Assembly Session

For me, December brings mixed emotions. I love the Christmas season, decorations and special music. Yet, my work for the General Assembly begins in earnest. I’ve already reviewed over three-hundred pieces of legislation with the expectation of over 3,100 bills being introduced. Session begins on January 11 and I’m excited to have most of the pastors on the VAIB Steering Committee join me that day and will speak to legislators regarding bills, such as:

HJ538 & SJ216 & SJ220 to change the Virginia Constitution and redefine marriage as being between two consenting adults (which we oppose).
HB1473 Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act (which we support).
SB783 Prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation (which we oppose).

The Virginia Voice is usually sent to supporting churches. I am sending this letter to all the independent Baptist churches in Virginia to request three things:

  • Pray for success at the General Assembly in seeing harmful legislation stopped and good legislation passed.
  • Financially support or consider increasing your support of the VAIB.
  • Remind your people to sign up for emails and CapitolALERTs. 

If you receive our emails and CapitolALERTs, you understand the value of our work. God has given us favor with the legislators. But God uses people! Your voice does matter when you contact your delegate or senator. Remind those in your church that if they are not getting our emails, they need to go to our website,, and sign up today!

Special Elections on January 10 (only in certain areas)

The 2016 election resulted in some state legislators being elected to the House of Representatives, plus there were some other changes where delegates were elected as state senators. Please see if you have a special election on January 11. There is typically a very low turnout for special elections which means your vote is crucial in electing a candidate with the right values. 

2016 in Review

As we look back over the year, we rejoice to see how God has blessed.

  • Our travel schedule took us to fifty-six churches with nearly half being non-supporting churches.
  • Over ten new churches began supporting!
  • Joe Naylor is our latest addition as a VAIB Representative to visit churches.
  • Our new promotional video was filmed in October and will be available soon!

God has used the VAIB since 1977 to be an influence for godly values and religious liberties in the General Assembly and other government venues. I am thankful He has given me the opportunity to serve you. I am also thankful for my wife, Carol, and her invaluable help.

We have already begun calling churches for 2017. Call or email our office to schedule a meeting at 804-299-3986 or at

Your voice for Christian liberties.


Rev. Eddy Aliff

Executive Director

Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists