Virginia VOICE July 2016

Released: Wednesday, August 03, 2016

ONE Voice for Liberties Conference-- September 15-16 Landmark Baptist Church in Richmond! 

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Dear Pastor, 

September 15-16 is our ONE Voice for Liberties annual VAIB conference. Would you consider joining me and many others of God’s people for this very important conference? There will be a variety of workshops, forums, and messages that will strengthen, educate, and help us get involved in maintaining our freedom to do the work of the ministry to which we are called. This country, which we live in and love, and the world at large have changed greatly in the last 40 years since the inception of the VAIB, and if we ever needed to come together, it is now! Fifty- three days after this conference ends, we will go to the polls to elect the next President of the United States of America. 

In the fall of 1977, the VAIB held its 1st annual meeting, and we are thankful that many of the men whom God used to organize it are still with us. As part of the Thursday evening service of the conference, we want to show appreciation and give honor to those men for their foresight and wisdom in forming the VAIB, giving us a voice in our Statehouse in Richmond and a way to be informed of current legislation that affects our freedoms. I hope you can join us in thanking them and “giving honor to whom honor is due.” 

I want to thank you and your church in advance for your prayer support and your financial support of this great cause, which is needed now more than ever. Would you consider taking up an offering to help with the expenses of this 40th annual VAIB conference? Whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated. 

We are “ONE Voice for Liberties.” 

Hope to see on September 15th. 

God bless you, 

Pastor Greg Rogers 



Executive Director Note: 

Dear Pastor, 

I am excited about our schedule for the conference, so I am adding it to this letter. Come hear from some of our state leaders at the 4 pm “Legislative Panel.” Each evening Tim Barton of WallBuilders will relate religious historical perspectives from our nation’s past, and on Friday night, I hope you will join our Pastors’ Choir as we lift our voices in praise to our Lord and Savior! There’s so much for everyone! 

See you on September 15 &16! 

Eddy Aliff 

Executive Director 


ONE Voice for Liberties Conference Schedule: 

Sep 15: 7-9P 

   Forum: Vision Update- Eddy Aliff, Executive Director VAIB 

   Forum: Tim Barton of WallBuilders 

   Message: Moderator Greg Rogers/Grace Memorial Baptist Church, Bedford 

Sep 16 : 

    9- 9:55A Opening & VAIB Business Meeting moderated by Greg Rogers 

   10-10:45A Forum 1: Attorney Terry Lee Hamilton, Lighthouse Baptist Ministries

   11:00- 11:45A Forum 2: Dr. Bob Vallier, Church Business Ministries 

   Lunch at local restaurants 

   2:00P Opening of afternoon sessions 

   2:10- 2:55P Forum 3: Dr. Stanley Bennett, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Richmond 

   3:10-3:55P Forum 4: Attorney Terry Lee Hamilton, Lighthouse Baptist Ministries 

   4:10- 4:55P Forum 5: Legislative Panel with Speaker of the House Bill Howell;

   Majority Leader Del. Kirk Cox; Sen. Bill Carrico; Sen. Amanda Chase,. 


   7- 9P Forum: Representative Dave Brat (Va-7) 

   Forum: Tim Barton of WallBuilders 

   Message: Dr. Chuck Harding of Awake America Ministries 


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