Virginia VOICE March 2016

Released: Sunday, April 03, 2016


September 15-16, 2016 ONE Voice for Liberties Conference 
At Landmark Baptist Church, Richmond, VA 


General Assembly Notes 

While most of us are focused on April 15 because of turning in our income tax forms, I still have April 20 in my sights. That date is “veto session,” the day the General Assembly meets to consider bills that the Governor has vetoed or amended. Some bills we are still following are: 
  • HB516 (Steven Landes) requires public schools to inform parents of sexually explicit material in reading assignments or teaching materials and to allow parents to request optional material for their child. 
  • HB1090 (Ben Cline) which prevents state funds from going to entities which perform abortions. 
  • HB19 (Chris Head) which clarifies that ministers are not officers of the Commonwealth when performing weddings. 
  • SB41 (Bill Carrico) which clarifies that pastors and those who work in religious ministries cannot be discriminated against by the state for holding particular religious views. There is a concern that the government could withhold tax exemptions or job contracts for those holding to traditional marriage and other views. 
The Governor has until April 10 to sign, veto, or amend each bill. If you feel so inclined, contact the Governor to encourage him to sign each bill. Just remember—be kind, be brief, and be appreciative for his willingness to serve the Commonwealth. 

Visiting Churches 

We’ve already begun visiting churches to report on the work of VAIB. Our 2016 schedule is quickly filling, so contact our office today to have us in your church. Just call the office at 804-299-3986 or email me at

The Value of VAIB 

As “Your voice for Christian liberties,” this ministry has been used to help church ministries and religious liberties. But as you know, the attacks are strong. Efforts to stifle religious liberties in order to protect sinful lifestyles are growing. We need more independent Baptist “voices” behind our work.  
Would you remind your church folks to get on board by signing up for our emails and CapitolALERTs? You can use a simple announcement like the following:  

Help the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists! 

Sign up online by going to . Receive monthly updates and CapitolALERTs. Be a voice for Christian liberties!  

If your church supports VAIB, THANK YOU!  If not, consider sending a “once-a-year” offering which will make you a supporting church.  And encourage other pastors to get involved as well! And again, Thank you! 

ONE Voice for Liberties Conference September 15-16, 2016: Registration now open! 

For thirty-nine years, VAIB has met to strengthen, educate and involve the independent Baptists. Speakers are being lined up and include state Senators and Delegates, Congressmen, and more! VAIB is so appreciative to Pastor Don Sumpter who is again allowing us to meet at Landmark Baptist Church, 4000 Creighton Rd, Richmond, VA 23223. Mark your calendar now!   
Please Register. This conference will encourage you in areas that we all need. Please register online. Registration is free but offerings will be received during the meeting. Would your church help by bringing or sending a special offering? And, of course, pray for God to bless! 

On that note, I pray you had a blessed Easter. Truly, our work pales compared to the completed work of Christ on the Cross and His resurrection on Easter. 
Because He lives, 
Eddy Aliff 
Executive Director 
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