VAIB/Virginia Voice March 25, 2017

Released: Wednesday, April 05, 2017


September 28-29, 2017   

ONE Voice for Liberties Conference

At Landmark Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

VAIB|Virginia Voice

March 25, 2017

General Assembly & Washington, D.C. Lobbying Update

The Governor still has not signed SB1239 nor HB1568, both impacting religious exempt day cares. He has until March 27 to sign, veto, or amend these bills. Pray for him to sign these!

During March 13-16, I (and my wife, Carol) visited with all eleven of our federal representatives to ask for help for these same day cares. I was only able to meet personally with Rep. Tom Garrett who was anxious to help, but in all the other offices I met with the legislative aide. I am thankful for how graciously I was received by every staff person and for those who agreed with our concerns. During that week, I also participated in the Capitol Connection visiting three offices of our legislators. I had the opportunity to pray with the legislative aides and for the Congressmen and staff. This is key in building relationships.

While I was disappointed in not speaking with the other legislators, I want you to understand that they were busy voting on bills to fulfill their promise to make needed changes. Maybe you could send your legislator an email to encourage them and let them know you are praying for them.

Visiting Churches

We’ve already begun visiting churches to report on the work of VAIB. Our 2017 schedule is quickly filling, so contact our office today to have us in your church. Just call the office at 804-299-3986 or email me at  

Joe and Marty Naylor have also begun visiting churches and were well received in their first two churches. Pray for safety and success for them as they represent the VAIB.

The Value of VAIB

As “Your voice for Christian liberties,” this ministry has been used to help church ministries and religious liberties. But as you know, the attacks are strong. Efforts to stifle religious liberties in order to protect sinful lifestyles are growing. We need more “voices” behind our work. When was the last time you reminded your church to sign up for VAIB emails? Would you remind them this week to get our emails and CapitolALERTs? You can use a simple announcement like the following: 

       “Help the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists!

       Sign up online by going to . Receive monthly updates and CapitolALERTs. Be a voice for Christian liberties!” 

Giving to VAIB

Pastor, if your church supports VAIB by sending a “once-a-year” offering and you can’t remember when you last sent support, please consider having a “VAIB Sunday” offering over the next few months. We must grow our support base to continue our work. Individuals are also welcome to give.

Donations should be made to VAIB and sent to PO Box 6686, Ashland, VA 23005.

Thank you!

ONE Voice for Liberties Conference September 28-29, 2017: Registration now open!

For forty years, VAIB has met to strengthen, educate and involve the independent Baptists in being a voice for our churches and religious liberties.. Speakers are being lined up and include state Senators and Delegates, Congressmen, and more! Tim Barton of WallBuilders will again be speaking each night on our country’s religious heritage.

VAIB is so appreciative to Pastor Don Sumpter who is again allowing us to meet at Landmark Baptist Church, 4000 Creighton Rd, Richmond, VA 23223. Mark your calendar now for September 28-29!   

Please Register. This conference will encourage you in areas that we all need. Please register online. Registration is free but offerings will be received during the meeting. Would your church help by bringing or sending a special offering? And, of course, pray for God to bless!

On that note, I pray you have a blessed Easter. Truly, our work pales compared to the completed work of Christ on the Cross and His resurrection on Easter.

Because He lives,


Eddy Aliff

Executive Director


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