Virginia VOICE May 2015

Released: Thursday, June 04, 2015

Dear Friends, 

I’m glad things have slowed down for us and I can take time to express my heartfelt thanks to you who support VAIB through prayer and financial support. Be assured God has helped your voice to be heard in so many ways, and we’re thankful for you and for those in government who stand for religious liberties and biblical values. You hear so much on the news that I’m sure is discouraging, but don’t give up and don’t give in! Stay faithful to God. Stay involved with VAIB. See our website at for more information. 

Primary Elections 

I’ve been asked why VAIB hasn’t sent out information regarding candidates. Let me remind you that we don’t endorse candidates or political parties. If your locality has a primary, do your best to investigate the candidates, pray, and then vote. Unfortunately, I’m unable to track the hundreds of local issues and elections myself, but I am available if you have questions. It’s possible I can give some insights or get answers to your questions. Just contact me at 804-299-3986 or 

Once the candidates for the House of Delegates and state Senate have been determined and about a month prior to the elections on November 3, I should have more information and will be able to give some insights into where these candidates stand on moral values issues and other areas of concern to VAIB. 

As a reminder, pray for God to speak to the hearts and minds of the justices of the US Supreme Court as they give their decision regarding same-sex marriage at the end of June. 

Reminder about our ONE Voice for Liberties Conference 

Our conference is coming soon! Join us again at Landmark Baptist Church (Pastor Don Sumpter), 4000 Creighton Rd., Richmond, VA 23223 on September 17-18. The conference opens on Thursday evening at 7 p.m. The meeting will continue on Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. This is a great time to reconnect with friends and others from around the state who will likely attend our conference. 

If you need lodging, please make reservations immediately due to a special cycling event that expects to bring thousands of visitors to Richmond during the same time. Unfortunately, VAIB has been unable to secure special pricing. 

If you haven’t yet done so, please register now for our conference. There is no charge to register, and it helps us in our planning. You can do this here or call our office at 804-299-3986. 

Does your business office and missions coordinator know of our address change? 

I know how easy it is to forget to pass certain information along. Sometimes not everyone gets the memo. So, here is another reminder to pass our new address on to others in your ministry, such as the business office, mission’s coordinator, or other folks who need to update their records. Thanks for helping pass the news along. 

VAIB, PO Box 6686, Ashland, VA 23005 
Phone: Office 804-299-3986 or Eddy’s cell 804-614-5712 

Your continued prayer for Carol and me and the work of VAIB is deeply appreciated. I cannot say thank you enough, knowing how God has used you as a help to this ministry. May God bless you for your faithfulness! 

Your voice for Christian liberties! 
Eddy Aliff 
Executive Director 

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