Virginia VOICE November 2015

Released: Thursday, December 03, 2015

Dear Friend,

By the time you receive this letter, our traveling schedule will have been completed. Here’s a brief review of how God blessed this year!

  • We visited fifty churches with thirty churches being non-supporting
  • Praise God for six new supporting churches!
  • We participated in two missions’ conferences and represented VAIB at the God Bless America Crusade held in Richmond, VA.
  • We had a successful ONE Voice for Liberties Conference in September.

But also pray for numerous churches experiencing financial challenges and some which have no pastor.

Election Update

After reviewing the recent elections of our state delegates and senators, I believe many good conservatives were elected. My first goal is to meet each of the newly elected legislators to present our concerns and values. Pray I will also have opportunity to share the Gospel.

General Assembly Gearing Up

As I go into the General Assembly session in January, I will continue to build relationships with our state delegates and senators while strengthening our position regarding religious liberties. Legislation is already coming in. Pray for me as I review the 2,700 plus pieces of legislation that will be introduced. As important as it is to gain ground, it is just as vital that we hold our ground on issues which are crucial to our religious liberties.

Invitation to join me at the Capitol

This is your government. Join me at the Capitol to see your government in action and meet your delegates and senator. The session runs from January 13 through March 12 normally Monday through Friday. Call me at 804-614-5712 when you come so that I can meet you and show you the work of VAIB.

One special date you are invited to come is January 13 from 9 to 11 a.m. VAIB will be participating in a “prayer walk” and “Rally for Life”, and you are invited to join with our Steering Committee members and wives who will be there. Be sure to determine parking lot locations before coming.

Presidential Candidates

As you may know, VAIB does not endorse candidates nor political parties. Like you, I’ve heard the debates between the candidates and among those in churches I’ve visited. I’ve listened to the commentators and prognosticators. Here are some things to consider between now and the elections in 2016:

  • In his day, Abraham Lincoln was much maligned and had little political experience to prepare him for a civil war and attempt to heal a nation.
  • Some wish for a “Ronald Reagan” to emerge and lead our nation, but he had little political experience to prepare him to deal with the national and international issues before he became president.
  • Some had great hopes for Jimmy Carter who claimed to be a Christian, but many were disappointed in his liberal theology and ideology.
  • Candidates are human-- no one is perfect (not even you or me!).

Let’s determine to pray for wisdom regarding candidates and evaluate them in light of the biblical values. Don’t vote your pocketbook, vote conservative values. Also, remember that no president can see real accomplishments without the Congress and Senate being in agreement. So, we also need to elect good Congressmen and Senators to work together in Washington DC.

As the year draws to an end, remind yourself of the many good things for which to be thankful, and let’s be faithful to do three things:

  • Kneel down and pray.
  • Stand up and vote.
  • Show Christ’s love as we share the Gospel.

Your voice for Christian liberty,

Eddy Aliff
Executive Director
Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists 

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