Virginia VOICE November 2014

Released: Thursday, December 04, 2014

Dear Friend, 

By the time you receive this letter, our traveling schedule will have been completed. We were in fifty churches this year, fifteen of which were non-supporting. Several churches began supporting us this year, with others expressing confidence that they would soon become supporting churches. We have already begun scheduling for 2015, so please call us now if you would like Eddy to be in your church. 

Election Update 

I believe many good conservatives, who stand with us, were recently elected to the US Congress and Senate. Please pray that they will now work to move our country forward in the right direction and that God will bless their efforts. 

General Assembly Gearing Up 

As I go into the General Assembly session in January, I will continue to build relationships with our state delegates and senators, strengthening our position regarding religious liberties. Pray for me as I review the over 2,600 pieces of legislation that will be introduced this session. As important as it is to gain ground, it is just as vital that we hold our ground on issues that are crucial to our religious liberties. 

National, State & Local Issues 

With same-sex marriage now allowed in Virginia, the LGBT community is emboldened, especially with the support of Gov. McAuliffe, and will push their agenda harder than ever. The governor continues to appoint LGBT individuals to important positions in his administration, like Dr. Marissa (formerly Mark) Levine as commissioner of the Health Department, and we are concerned how the Board of Health will revise abortion clinic regulations. A 2012 law required clinics to meet standards of outpatient surgical facilities and stipulated yearly inspections. I expressed the VAIB position by email to each of the board members and will attend a December 4 meeting, when a vote will be taken on changing these regulations. 

A transgender student issue recently came to light in Gloucester County. A local pastor and I attended a school board meeting where public comment was received on the principal’s decision to allow the student access to the bathroom of choice. The next day, the pastor and I had a lengthy but cordial 

meeting with the superintendent of schools, Dr. Walter Clemons. VAIB will continue to follow this situation closely. 

VAIB regularly monitors and posts news articles of concern on its Facebook page and website. Please note these articles and take the opportunity to respond to state and local officials. God’s people should continually use their voices to speak out when our religious liberties are threatened. 


We were so blessed to have all our children at home during Thanksgiving week. We are grateful that God has provided each of them with a wonderful spouse, good jobs, and one grandchild, with another arriving soon. 

On another note, my mother who lived with us for fourteen years passed away on December 1 surrounded by all her children and other family members. Our heart aches, but we are thankful her pain is past. 

Finally, we want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to the churches that regularly support us financially and have supported us in our “14,000 Voices Campaign” by signing up for our email alerts. Please encourage your friends to sign up as well! 

Your voice for Christian liberty, 

Eddy Aliff 
Executive Director 
Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists 

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