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Released: Thursday, November 03, 2016

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October 25, 2016

ONE Voice for Liberties Conference dates:  Add these dates to your calendar-

Sep. 28-29, 2017    Sep. 27-28, 2018    Sep. 26-27, 2019    Sep. 24-15, 2020

News Items

Abortion Clinic Regulations Weakened: The Board of Health met on October 24 to adopt over twenty changes to the abortion clinic regulations. Feeling empowered by a recent Supreme Court decision which rejected similar regulations in Texas, Governor McAuliffe urged the board to adopt these changes. In spite of laws passed over the past five years, abortion clinics will be seemingly back to little oversight and weaker standards. As you can see, our work is not over.

Fantasy Sports Kiosks: After passing legislation allowing fantasy sports “gambling”, a new company has created kiosks which will be placed in sports bars and similar places to entice more to throw away their money. I will do all I can to have legislators put a hold on this type of activity.

Preparing for the 2017 General Assembly

A key focus for the 2017 General Assembly will again be protecting religious liberty and moral values. In light of judicial decisions and other activities, VAIB is working on:

  • Supporting legislation to prevent transgender individuals to have open access in locker rooms and bathrooms, especially in public schools and other government venues,
  • Opposing the usual efforts to add sexual orientation to nondiscrimination protections,
  • Protecting religious free speech,
  • Opposing a change to our state constitution regarding marriage.

I have already been in meetings with other like-minded groups discussing possible legislation to help in these and other areas. As Christians, we must continue to speak the truth in love holding to sensible biblical values. But the answer is changed hearts, not laws.    

Elections Coming

Elections will be Tuesday, Novermber 8, for President and Congressional Representatives, plus some localities have other offices on the ballot. I hope you will vote. Whoever is elected president needs our prayers. Whoever is elected to Congress, I will seek to build a relationship with that person and pray for him or her to see the value of standing with VAIB.

Pray that God will allow us to find favor with those in authority.

Conference Messages Available Online

If you missed the September conference, you can still listen to the messages by going to our web site for free downloads. I want to thank all who the churches and individuals who gave to make this conference a success. Plan to attend next year on September 28-29, 2017.

Your voice for Christian liberties!

Eddy Aliff

Executive Director