Virginia VOICE October 2015

Released: Saturday, October 03, 2015

Conference Complete!
Our second conference is done and I am so thankful for the encouraging comments of those who came. 
About 250 different people attended over the two days. The conference went so smoothly thanks to the work of staff, Landmark volunteers, the Steering Committee men and their wives! A huge amount of helpful information was provided by our speakers--
  • Moderator Brent Hockema who encouraged all to be a voice with VAIB.
  • Major Steve Drew of the Richmond Police Department laying out safety issues for churches.
  • Bobby Householder (Reformers Unanimous) and Tim Kyser on helping those with addictions, like pornography, alcohol, prescription & illegal drugs, gambling.
  • Dan Zacharias (ODACS) on efforts of some in the federal government to create a federal education system reaching from birth to grade 12.
  • EW Jackson (S.T.A.N.D.) on confronting racial issues from scripture and a biblical worldview.
  • Jeremy Dys (Liberty Institute) on religious liberty challenges in our public schools and the many freedoms students do have in the public school arena.
  • Peter Sprigg (FRC & PFOX) on understanding and reaching those of the LGBT community with the Gospel.
  • Eddy Aliff (VAIB Executive Director) on progress and challenges facing VAIB at the Virginia General Assembly and at Washington, D.C.
  • David Andersen (Capitol Commission) who spoke both nights on the need to reach government officials in our capitols with the Gospel “that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life” 1 Timothy 2:2. 
Be with us next year at Landmark Baptist Church on September 15-16, 2016 for the ONE Voice for Liberties Conference. Check our web site beginning in January for more information.
Elections are coming. Who will get your vote?
There is an attachment to this letter related to elections which are on November 3. It lists the candidates fordistricts with more than one candidate. Voting guides will not be available until October. Until that time, would you do your part to learn where your candidates stand on issues? VAIB does not endorse candidates or parties. So, consider voting for candidates who stand with us on areas such as pro-life, traditional marriage, and biblical family values.
Thank you for making VAIB Your voice for Christian liberties!
Eddy Aliff
Executive Director
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