Virginia VOICE September 2015

Released: Thursday, September 03, 2015

Registrations are coming in for the ONE Voice for Liberties Conference!
In a few weeks, our ONE Voice for Liberties Conference will be here. This will be our most expanded speaking line up with seven forums on Friday and our challenge each night from David Andersen of Capitol  Commission. Register today! Remind your church folks to register immediately to receive materials when they arrive. Here are the quick facts:
Questions? You can email me at or you can call our office at 804-299-3986. 
Year in Review
By now you should have received our end of the year VisionUPDATE on the work of VAIB. We are excited to see God working:
  • to connect us with more independent Baptist churches and 
  • more churches financially supporting or increasing the amount of support!
This year we have had scheduled sixty meetings or appointments with thirty being new or non-supporting churches! Pray all of these will support VAIB! 
Are you signed up for VAIB emails?
Over twelve hundred are now receiving our emails and CapitolALERTS thanks to the “14,000 Voices Campaign.” In spite of the challenges to our liberties, we must continue to speak up and stand up! 
Pastor, would you ask your folks to sign up today? Go to and complete the form! If you or someone else has signed up but have not received any emails from VAIB, please check your Spam folder and check your settings to accept VAIB. 
Elections November 3—Will you vote or surrender?
Our three-fold approach is to strengthen, educate, and involve. Will you be involved by voting? Research the candidates—are they pro-life, traditional marriage, supportive of educational choice, strong to protect religious liberties over protecting sexual orientation? If necessary, contact our office regarding incumbents.
Together we can make a difference.
In His Service,
Rev. Eddy Aliff
Executive Director
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