Volume 3 | March 22, 2019

Released: Friday, March 22, 2019

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Developing cooperative relationships is essential in my line of work. It’s an ongoing endeavor with legislators who may or may not be back after the next election cycle. But the issues remain, and here are some of the big ones:

Abortion Outrage! After the admission by Democrat Del. Kathy Tran regarding HB2491 to a question by Republican Del. Todd Gilbert, the agenda for the Democrats became clear—complete freedom to abort at any time for any reason even if the baby survives the abortion! Even Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, in his professional opinion as a pediatric neurologist, AGREED! I pray these revelations will wake people up to the truth and that the elections in November will see pro-life candidates elected.

Are Casinos Coming? Big money propelled the possibility of casinos coming to Virginia. I was truly disappointed that two legislators who have been strongly behind VAIB issues in the past decided to support bills to bring casinos to Virginia: Sen. Bill Carrico and Del. Israel O’Quinn, both Republicans. Sen. Bill Carrico will not seek re-election, but his bill lives on as part of SB1126, introduced by an unlikely ally, Democrat Sen. Louise Lucas. In fact, several bills eventually became a part of SB1126 to further expand gambling in Virginia. Then, on what was supposed to be the final day of the session, a last-minute conference committee, whose purpose was to reconcile the different bills, made significant changes to the final bill, proving what was really going on: if you have $200 million, you can join the casino party in Virginia!

As I said earlier, I am truly disappointed. But you can still do something to stop this. Pastors in the Bristol area are rallying people to express their opposition to casinos. And I hope other pastors throughout the state will do the same. This can be done by finding candidates who oppose casinos. Then you must vote! Casinos will not be the financial savior of these depressed areas. But alternatives must be found and found soon.

Fortunately, SB1126 must be voted on again in the 2020 General Assembly. It can be defeated if we spread the word and get folks to see the downside of casinos. I am concerned for the less-than-desirable activities that typically are associated with casino gambling and those who get addicted to gambling. Families will suffer. Virginia will suffer.

Gender Confusion? Nearly two dozen bills were introduced this session related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Thankfully, these harmful bills were defeated. But what cannot be done through legislation can be accomplished through regulation. Those agencies dealing with counseling and licensed counselors are considering new guidance documents (regulations) to prevent counseling against same-sex attraction and transgenderism. This will force out of the industry those who hold to a biblical view of gender. No matter if science shows a person is genetically male or female, it’s all about what a person “feels” is right for them. This is foolishness of the highest order! But such is society today. Unfortunately, the “educated elite” are known for pressing for such programs, like the eugenics and sterilization programs adopted by most states from 1909-1979. Pray for our state and national legislators to stand against those who want to protect sexual orientation and gender identity in the law. Again, your vote is important.


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ONE Voice for Liberties Conference on September 26-27 at Landmark Baptist Church, Richmond. You can register for our conference and the Richmond Capitol tour on our website here: https://vaib.org/education/one-voice-for-liberties-conference/. Transportation to and from the Capitol will be provided at no charge. You will be responsible for your own lunch when we arrive at the Capitol. I hope you will join us for this historic opportunity. And of course, the conference is free!


The “Virginia March for Life” will be at the Richmond Capitol on April 3. Get more information and register at https://marchforlife.org/virginia-march-for-life/.

The rally will be at 11:00 a.m., with the March for Life following at noon.

Too much has happened for us to stand silently by! Show your support for the unborn!

Thousands are expected to attend! I suggest you arrive at least one hour early to find parking, possibly near the Coliseum. If you have a group, drop them off at the Capitol entrance on 9th Street, then take the bus to a parking lot.

Thank you for caring enough to attend and make your voice heard!


Regarding all these issues, VAIB has remained vigilant. We are on the front lines fighting for you! This ministry has stood for independent Baptist churches and religious liberties for over forty years. But we still need more churches and individuals to support us financially. Every church benefits, but only some bear the load. Will you help today?



Eddy Aliff

Executive Director