Volume 4 | April 25, 2021

Released: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Conference Reminder

This year’s conference happens on one day only—Thursday, September 23! The ONE Voice for Liberties Conference will be at Crossroads Baptist Church, 31 Crossroads Lane, Fishersville, VA. Plan now to attend! We all need the fellowship and encouragement, and your presence will do just that. Plus, you need to be informed on matters impacting Virginia churches. See VAIB’s website for more details.

As in years past, VAIB depends upon special donations from churches and individuals to underwrite the expense of the conference. You can give online or at the conference. As always, thank you for helping.

Resuming Church Meetings

Beginning in June, I will officially resume holding church meetings. Carol and I have both had our COVID vaccinations, giving us greater confidence in moving forward. June and September are already filled! If you’d like to schedule a meeting, contact me at ealiff@vaib.org or call 804-789-1278 and leave a message. What a blessing to be back in churches to see what God is doing!

What’s in Store for Churches?

From time to time, important news items related to churches come up. Overall in Virginia, we’ve been fairly fortunate regarding mandates from the governor. A U.S. Supreme Court decision lifting restrictions in California on in-home church meetings was welcome, but it had no impact on church meetings themselves. A Federal Court of Appeals has ruled that a Christian professor at a state university in Ohio cannot be forced to use preferred pronouns for a transgender student, as it violates the professor’s right to free speech. This ruling could have hopeful ramifications for Christians in similar situations throughout the U.S. But it seems apparent that Christians will continue to face opposition regarding their beliefs and values. Should we expect anything less from a society that is based on the world’s values?

I’ve spoken with pastors across the state and have heard of difficulties with COVID outbreaks in some, while others have been spared. As churches navigate our “new world” and its challenges, VAIB will be vigilant to keep you informed and answer your questions. The easiest way to contact me is at ealiff@vaib.org. You can also call the office at 804-789-1278. Please leave a message when you call.

I want to say thank you to those churches and individuals who continue to give in support of VAIB’s mission. If you or your ministry does not support VAIB, would you prayerfully consider doing so to keep this ministry working on your behalf?


Rev. Eddy Aliff
Executive Director   

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