Volume 5 | May 25, 2020

Released: Monday, May 25, 2020

Churches Reopening!

What a blessing to see churches in Virginia begin to reopen! I hope each church is being careful during this time to ensure the safety of its members and visitors by adhering to guidelines that will slow the spread of COVID-19. How this process develops will depend on whether the number of cases and hospitalizations of COVID-19 increases or decreases. We must each do our part as individuals and churches in this effort to slow the spread.

Scheduling Churches Still on Hold

It’s been a joy for Carol and me to visit so many churches over the years. There are still many we haven’t yet visited. I’m sure that churches will be hesitant to schedule speakers in the near term or even for the remainder of the year. Determining when and how many churches I should schedule is a big question for me. Let me explain how we’re working to accommodate churches during this time.

First, I will be creating a yearly ministry update after the completion of the General Assembly. The update for this year is done and available on VAIB’s YouTube channel. You can access it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEeYo5kPHg4&t=6s.

Second, I ask churches to consider having me speak using a video link, like Skype or Zoom. This will allow for Q&A and other interactions. It just requires your church to have internet access at the church. In fact, VAIB has a Zoom account that I can use if it will make it easier for your church. Contact my office to make those arrangements (807-789-1278).

I believe this current crisis has shown how important our ministry is to you and your church. Whether you give regularly (monthly, quarterly) or give a once-a-year special gift, your help is appreciated.

Staying Busy?

During this health crisis, I’ve been unable to travel, but that doesn’t mean I’m not busy. I’ve received hundreds of calls during this time to answer questions, and I’ve prepared numerous extra updates to keep you informed on what was expected of churches. With the help of legal advice and information from the National Center for Life and Liberty, I’ve been able to answer those questions and keep you updated. Many have expressed thanks for the work of VAIB. If you need any further assistance, you can visit the VAIB website or ncll.org/COVID-19.

ONE Voice for Liberties Conference – September 24-25, 2020

Plans are going forward for our conference! It will be held at Heritage Baptist Church, 7777 Cogbill Road in Chesterfield. The pastor is Deron Jackson, who also happens to be our current moderator. And this year I plan to livestream the conference! I hope you plan to come either in person on online. Please register here: www.vaib.org.

Thank you for your prayers. May God protect you and use you to be a help to others during this time.


Eddy Aliff

Executive Director   

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