Volume 6 | June 25, 2019

Released: Tuesday, June 25, 2019

One Voice for Liberties Conference | September 26-27, 2019
Landmark Baptist Church | 4000 Creighton Rd | Richmond, VA 23223

Learn about the government issues facing you, your congregation, and all God’s people—and what we can accomplish together. This year’s VAIB conference will encourage and equip you to better address the issues and strengthen our religious liberties—as our churches rally together and speak with ONE Voice! And don’t forget to register for the tour of Richmond’s Capitol!

Speakers include:

  • Moderator John Godfrey Jr of Immanuel Baptist Church will give Thursday evening’s challenge.
  • Dr. Mike Edwards of Share Point Ministries will give Friday evening’s challenge.
  • Tim Barton of WallBuilders will provide religious heritage forums Thursday and Friday evenings.
  • Executive Director Eddy Aliff will provide updates on issues impacting pastors and churches.

Register today at https://vaib.org/education/one-voice-for-liberties-conference/

Changes in the Law

Pastors now mandated reporters

As of July 1, Virginia pastors will be considered mandated reporters of child abuse or neglect. Recent accusations and reports of child abuse in church settings are disturbing. The 2019 Virginia General Assembly passed HB1659, requiring pastors (ordained or licensed) to report credible suspicions of child sexual or physical abuse to the Virginia Department of Social Services. Anyone convicted of failing to report such abuse could be placed on the sex offender registry. Therefore, VAIB strongly encourages pastors to consider background checks for anyone working with children in their ministries. For more information, resources are available at NCLL.org or other similar organizations. Also, review our social media and website in the coming days for more in-depth articles on this and other timely issues.

Changes for religious-exempt day cares

As of July 1, certain changes become effective for religious-exempt day cares. All workers will be required to have fingerprint background checks going forward. Of course all current staff should already have done so last fall. I believe these checks are in the best interest of protecting children, but they do come at a higher cost. Another change is in the ratios of workers to children, which also has a financial impact, typically in requiring more staff.

Since all religious-exempt day cares are to be registered with the Virginia Department of Social Services, those with such facilities should begin receiving notifications from DSS. If you do not receive these notifications, please contact the department. Maintaining religious-exempt day cares is a high priority for VAIB, as is keeping you informed.

Should your church incorporate?

Even though churches are not required to incorporate in Virginia, it may be to your benefit. Various issues have arisen showing the need for the greater protection afforded by incorporation. If you need help in this area, I suggest you contact a local attorney or consult with the National Center for Life and Liberty (NCLL.org) or other similar organizations.

If you have questions about these or other issues, please contact me at ealiff@vaib.org or 804-299-3986.

Closing Thoughts

Elections are coming on November 5. I will send materials next month providing a list of candidates and how incumbents have voted. You’ll find many new names, so do your best to determine where your candidates stand on the issues.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Your voice for Christian liberties!
Eddy Aliff
Executive Director