Volume 7.1: REVISED | Aug 5, 2019

Released: Monday, August 05, 2019

One Voice for Liberties Conference | September 26-27, 2019

Landmark Baptist Church | 4000 Creighton Rd | Richmond, VA 23223


Stonger Together: The Value of Church Partnerships!

Your leadership role in advancing the Gospel in your community is hard. To support you, we educate church and policy leaders to defend and advance important policies at the state and federal level.

Here are some ways VAIB helps you and your church save money and focus on ministry:

  • Savings in sales and use taxes by using Form ST13-A
  • Expansion of sales and use tax exemptions over the past thirty years
  • Savings to religious-exempt day cares who don’t pay the license fee
  • Helping keep Christian schools open
  • Helping keep homeschooling as a recognized educational option
  • Helping keep favorable building codes for churches and schools to save money
  • Helping keep no-fee fire inspections by the state fire marshal’s office and low local inspection fees
  • Helping to prevent state licensure of Sunday school teachers, nursery workers, and VBS workers

Please continue to pray for our efforts to reach and strengthen independent Baptist churches. When the General Assembly isn’t in session, VAIB connects in several ways with various pastors and leaders of the more than five hundred independent Baptist churches in Virginia.

On a rotating basis, I travel to quite a few churches to listen and share about important issues, usually accompanied by my wife Carol. (By God’s grace we’ve been married since 1975). She kindly supports the ministry administratively and relationally after a notable career in nursing and education.

Joe Naylor, an independent representative of VAIB, and his wife Marty also visit churches, especially to connect (or reconnect) with hard-to-reach churches. While he has a narrower scope of official duties, Joe has a fascinating background as a pastor, musician, and chaplain to police and victims, and he and Marty have been happily married for over 35 years.

Together, we’ll meet with about one hundred churches this year, some who have never heard of our mission, and others who have supported VAIB for years. These faithful churches (some supporting VAIB in prayer and finances for over twenty years) see the fruit of this strategic partnership as they minister to their communities.

Church partners understand how quickly things could take a turn for the worse if VAIB was no longer able to support our churches!

If you and I don’t have something already on the books, will you reach out to me at 804-299-3986 or ealiff@vaib.org?

On average, two independent Baptist churches close in Virginia every year. We can help you and your church—on both a personal and corporate level.

Carol or I will be reaching out to churches to follow up, as well. In the meantime, please pray and think about how we can pray for you, a good time to connect at your church or a nearby restaurant, and other pastors or leaders who could benefit from being refreshed and encouraged.  

As VAIB grows, you’re more protected from bad policies you don’t want to affect you or your congregation. As we lose churches, we’re less able to protect you. It’s as simple as that.

If we don’t connect before, hopefully you and I will connect at the conference!

Educate/Involve: ONE Voice for Liberties Conference Coming Soon!

Whether you work and can only attend the evening sessions, or you can come to every session, please join us for the ONE Voice for Liberties Conference.

You’ll be refreshed, be able to catch your breath a bit, and learn about important issues that directly affect you and your congregation. 

Register online at https://vaib.org/education/one-voice-for-liberties-conference/

FYI: Please join me in thanking Landmark Baptist Church for faithfully hosting the conference for so many years. We’re planning to rotate the meeting to other churches in the future, (perhaps in other parts of the state). In the meantime, enjoy the last year at Landmark (for a while) in their newly remodeled auditorium. It looks amazing, and you’ll have a great experience. Next year’s location will be announced at the conference.

Joyful Giving

Several have expressed interest in financially supporting the conference. Please make your special offering to help with conference by bringing it to the conference

Thank you for standing with VAIB.

Your voice for Christian liberties!

Eddy Aliff

Executive Director