Volume 8 | August 30, 2019

Released: Friday, August 30, 2019

Volume 8 | August 30, 2019

One Voice for Liberties Conference this month!

Sep. 26-27, 2019 | Landmark Baptist Church

4000 Creighton Rd, Richmond, VA 23223

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Future Conference Dates: Sep. 24-25, 2020  Sep. 23-24, 2021


Strengthen: Holding the Line

I’m amazed how quickly and easily society has accepted the concept of transgenderism, an idea not based on science but wholly on what a person believes to be true in spite of what is obvious fact. While some states have passed laws creating this new protected class, most of the damage has been done by judicial fiat. Such is the case with Gavin Grimm, who sued the Gloucester County school board in 2015 to allow “him” to use the restroom or locker room of “his” preference. A judge has now ruled in “his” favor, but as with most cases, the ruling was appealed by the school board. Many school boards are now considering sexual-orientation and gender-identity (SOGI) policies to prevent future lawsuits, which take time and money that school budgets don’t have.

I was recently informed by Pastor Tim Wilcox, who serves on the VAIB steering committee, of a vote to be taken by the Stafford school board on September 10 to pass such a policy. Changing the minds of those currently on that board is unlikely, but electing new board members can be a reality in the next election. It is critical that we find candidates who hold biblical values to run for office. Then WE MUST VOTE . . . in every election . . . every year. No matter how insignificant we think an office is, it deserves our attention.

A related issue involves the demand for special pronouns by certain individuals and groups. The U.S. Supreme Court may hear such a case in the days ahead.  

The transgender issue has also created controversy in sports. Transgender “women” who have won events in both high school and NCAA competitions are unfairly pushing out biological females who have trained hard in their sport but who cannot compete (and win) against biological males.

Pray for me and likeminded elected officials for success in stopping such travesties in Virginia. By attending the ONE Voice for Liberties Conference, you can stand with VAIB in this fight!


Educate & Involve: ONE Voice for Liberties Conference

Following is a message from VAIB moderator Pastor John Godfrey Jr of Immanuel Baptist Church in Clifton Forge:

Liberty is a fragile commodity. It is gained through the great sacrifice of one generation and can be lost by the apathy of the next generation. The maintenance of liberty is an arduous responsibility. Only persistent vigilance can protect its fragility and secure its longevity. The lamp of liberty must ever be cared for and watched over meticulously, ere its light should dim and be overcome by the darkness of oppression. The sacred charge of protecting liberty is shouldered by those who bask in its light. We who have enjoyed the freedoms of liberty are indebted to secure its safe passage to those who come after us. This is why the work of the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists is so crucial and vital today. From the very beginning of our country, it has been the Baptists, specifically Virginia Baptists, that have always risen to the occasion and promoted and protected liberty. Each year the VAIB convenes at its One Voice for Liberties Conference to encourage, educate, and equip the saints to fight for the religious liberty that God has entrusted to our wonderful country. The fight for religious liberty is an ever evolving fight that is in constant combat with the sinful culture of this world. Each year we are informed, educated, and updated on the issues that threaten our liberty. These issues represent the flash point of the current struggle in the battle for religious freedom. I want to encourage you to come to the One Voice for Liberties Conference this year on September 26th-27th. Defending our religious liberty must be a priority. Now is not the time to be derelict in our defense of this precious blessing. Those who fail to defend liberty today will only dream of liberty tomorrow. We can make a difference but only if we are educated and engaged in the fight. May it never be said that it was under our stewardship that the lamp of religious freedom in America went out.

Your Comrade in Christ,

John W. Godfrey Jr.

VAIB Moderator


I am honored to have men like Pastor Godfrey Jr* serving on the steering committee. Following are the names of the other men currently serving on our board: Pastor Deron Jackson (vice moderator) of Heritage BC, Chesterfield; Pastor Erik Hastings (secretary-treasurer) of Truth BC, Mechanicsville; Pastor Ken Biggs of Crossroads BC, Fredericksburg; Pastor Nathaniel Brown of Spring City BC, Lebanon; Pastor David Carroll of Sharon BC, Hampton; Pastor Jerry Davis* of Broadway BC, Hopewell; Pastor Marc Deloach of Albemarle BC, Charlottesville; Pastor Frank Hall of Valley BC, Stuarts Draft; Pastor John Hester of Calvary BC, Bedford; Pastor Paul Mitchell of Wayside BC, Chesapeake; Pastor Jeremiah Reamer* of Victory BC, Harrisonburg; Pastor Heath Spivey of Crossroads BC, Fishersville; Pastor Ralph VanNess* of Calvary BC, Hayes; Pastor Tim Wilcox* of Choice BC, Hartwood. 

(* indicates those men who are completing their three-year term.)


Closing Comments

Rarely do I relate personal information about Carol and myself unless it directly relates to our work with VAIB. I appreciate the many notes from individuals in our churches who often say they are praying for us and who thank us for our work on their behalf. All of us face problems and struggles, and I provide the following information just so you can know your prayers are appreciated and important in our lives.

We have been renting a home for five years, since selling the home we lived in for fifteen years. Two months ago Carol and I felt it was the right time for us to buy a house, and on August 14 we closed on a small ranch home. The next day, August 15, we moved into the house with the help of a moving company. As with any move, it was stressful and tiring, and there was much to unpack and arrange. The next day, August 16, Carol went out with our daughter-in-law, Kaitlyn, to shop for new curtains. At 11:37 a.m., our car was hit on the passenger side by someone speeding through a red light. My wife was on the passenger side. I am so thankful she and Kaitlyn were not seriously injured, but as with many such accidents, time has exposed more whiplash-related injuries to muscle and soft tissue. These have been very painful and stressful, requiring doctor visits and physical therapy.

Our car was a total loss. Anyone who has dealt with insurance in such a case understands the frustration we have been through. Because of the accident, I had to cancel the churches we had scheduled for Sunday, August 18. Also because of the accident, Carol has not been able to work much for VAIB (doctor visits, muscle pain in back and neck, tiredness due to medication . . . you get the picture). Even traveling the following weekend was a challenge for her. Understand, I’m just relating our situation.

Carol believes, and I agree, that your prayers and God’s hand of protection kept her and Kaitlyn from suffering more serious injuries. Cars can be replaced; people can’t. Please continue praying for us and for VAIB.

Even though Carol and I have moved, the mailing address for VAIB remains the same: PO Box 6686, Ashland, VA 23005. But there is a new office phone: 804-789-1278. Please update your records as current literature will have the old phone number until those items are updated.

I hope to see you soon at the ONE Voice for Liberties Conference!


Your voice for Christian liberties!
Eddy Aliff
Executive Director