Volume 9 | September 30, 2020

Released: Monday, September 28, 2020

ONE Voice for Liberties Conference – “Wow! What a Blessing!”

As the 44th conference closed out on Friday evening, those who attended in person said their spirits were energized and hearts encouraged by each and every speaker. I must agree, as I left with a renewed determination to stand for our churches in the days ahead, especially in a potentially hostile General Assembly. I am so thankful for Deron Jackson’s message, “Living in a Land of Intolerance,” which used the courageous example of the three Hebrew young men in Daniel chapter three to show how we can face the intolerance of today. Thank you, Pastor Jackson, for your leadership and support of this ministry. And on behalf of VAIB, I again offer my thanks to Heritage Baptist Church of Chesterfield for being a fantastic host this year.

Like many church services, the ONE Voice for Liberties Conference was online this year. Thanks to Sam Elliott and his team at Heritage Baptist Church, who made it happen! I was so excited to see the hundreds who connected online and to note their positive comments, which were a wonderful part of our energized meeting. What a blessing!

Please pray for Chad Connelly of Faith Wins and Evangelist Byron Foxx of God Bless America Crusades, who are crisscrossing the nation speaking to groups of pastors, often three times a day, on getting church members out to vote. Chad spoke at our conference and explained what pastors can and should do to help their people understand their duty to vote biblical values for the sake of our state and nation.  

Elections November 3 – “I voted!”

Yes, my wife and I, like so many, voted early. While November 3 is the day to vote in person, you can vote early NOW. If you are registered to vote, go to your local registrar’s office with an acceptable form of ID and VOTE.
Pastor, you likely have church members who need to register and are questioning whether or not to vote. I urge you to hold voter registrations over the next several Sundays, explain the importance of voting, and offer to help folks go vote, especially older folks who may be afraid due to the coronavirus. Every vote is crucial in this election.

You can go online at https://vote.elections.virginia.gov/VoterInformation to:
● Register to vote
● Check your registration status
● Find your polling place, if you want to vote in person
● Apply to vote absentee by mail

I don’t have the space to cover all the items on the ballot, as each district is different, but here are the basics:
All eleven U.S. House of Representative seats are up for election.
One U.S. Senate seat is up for election. 
Two proposed constitutional amendments are on the ballot.

Special Session 2020 of the General Assembly Dragging On . . .

It’s been over a month, and the special session continues to drag on. Only now have legislators finally gotten to the budget. By law, legislators must pass a balanced budget, which will be difficult with a two-billion-dollar shortfall in revenue. And before you know it, the regular session will be here (January 13). If Speaker of the House Eilleen Filler-Corn continues to operate as she has in the special session, efforts to influence legislation by “outsiders” like me will be greatly limited. 

Thank You, Steering Committee!

I want to express my deepest thanks to those pastors who serve on the VAIB Steering Committee. These men volunteer their service and have done an admirable job in overseeing all aspects of this ministry, as well as encouraging me in the face of challenges. Let them know you are praying for them as they help me in the coming year:
● Moderator Paul Mitchell of Wayside Baptist Church, Chesapeake
● Vice Moderator Ray Haskett of Calvary Baptist Church, Colonial Heights
● Secretary - Treasurer Erik Hastings of Truth Baptist Church, Mechanicsville
● Josh Brassard of Northern Neck Baptist Church, Callao
● David Carroll of Sharon Baptist Church, Hampton
● Greg Corcoran of Battlefield Baptist Church, Warrenton
● Carl Goodman of Lakeside Baptist Church, Salem
● Frank Hall of Valley Baptist Church, Stuarts Draft
● John Hester of Calvary Baptist Church, Bedford
● Jeff Hill of Vision Baptist Church, Ruther Glen
● Deron Jackson of Heritage Baptist Church, Chesterfield
● Tim Kyser of Open Bible Baptist Church, Chatham
● Jeremiah Reamer of Victory Baptist Church, Harrisonburg
● Heath Spivey of Crossroads Baptist Church, Fishersville

With your help and the help of these men, I believe VAIB will continue to be successful in fulfilling its mission for the churches of the Commonwealth.

God bless! 

Eddy Aliff
Executive Director

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