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Be a Part of the 14,000 Voices Campaign.

“14,000 Voices” is an ongoing campaign that  will result in a stronger and healthier VAIB, strategically positioned to influence policy decisions at the Capitol well into the future. VAIB is your voice for Christian liberties; let’s work together to make it 14,000 strong!

The Virginia State Senate buzzed with activity. The committee room filled with members of the public as 14 senators quietly took their seats. One by one, 9 citizens walked up to the podium to give their support for the bill in front of the committee that morning. The senators would soon vote on prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in public employment. There was one speaker left; one voice remaining--one voice but representing many more. VAIB stood and spoke out against the bill in that committee meeting, representing every independent Baptist who could not be present.

Since 1977, the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists has been fighting to advance the rights, values, and liberties of independent Baptists in the Commonwealth of Virginia. VAIB exists as your voice for Christian liberties to preserve our godly heritage for our children and grandchildren. By developing relationships with state legislators, VAIB is in a unique position to influence policy decisions on key issues regarding religious liberties and to protect our churches from government intrusion.

But VAIB cannot do it alone. We need your support to continue the fight. Our success depends on:

  • Strengthening our liberty by keeping informed of the issues and pursuing strategic relationships with those in government
  • Educating God’s people on the issues related to religious liberty
  • Involving everyone as one voice in the process by providing opportunities for action

Help us make this the year of 14,000 voices! Help us grow to 14,000 voices strong of independent Baptists standing up for religious liberty in the Commonwealth. Donations like yours will make it possible. You can help keep VAIB on the front lines fighting for religious liberty in the Virginia General Assembly. See the impact of your donation or learn more about how you can help. Pledge today to give $5, barely the price of a cup of coffee, to help us keep standing strong in Richmond. Sign up for our e-mail list and like our Facebook page to stay informed of what we are doing to protect your freedom.

How Can You Become One of the 14,000 voices?

  • Pray. First and foremost we need your prayers for the work we are doing day in and day out at the Capitol. Religious freedom is under attack, and we need God’s wisdom and insight as we work strategically to counter the constant threats to the work of our churches in spreading the Gospel and ministering in our communities.
  • Sign-up. Be sure to sign-up for our CapitolALERTs here. When an issue comes up in the General Assembly, we want a powerful voice that can respond swiftly and effectively. When we tell our legislators how the independent Baptists in Virginia feel about a piece of legislation, we want to be able to back it up with a CapitolALERT subscription 14,000-strong. With 14,000 registered for our CapitolALERTS and on our Facebook page, we will project a strong voice for quick action on important issues.
  • Give. Can you afford to give $5 for the sake of religious freedom? Whether you give one time or monthly, we are asking for every Independent Baptist in Virginia to consider giving five dollars* to see the work of VAIB continue. We have invested significantly to keep our web site up-to-date, to produce quality ministry videos and materials. We need additional resources to continue moving VAIB forward into the future. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can help! 

In that committee meeting, VAIB stood in staunch opposition to the dangerous language that would create a multitude of problems for churches and Christians all across the Commonwealth, and we were victorious! The Senators sided with VAIB, and the bill failed to pass the committee. We want victories like this one to continue; but we live in dangerous times, with our religious freedoms being attacked on a daily basis. Will you stand with us in defense of religious liberty? Will you consider adding your voice to other Independent Baptists by praying for us, registering for CapitolALERTS, and giving at least $5* to make VAIB successful?

(*outside of your usual church giving)

“14,000 Voices” is an ongoing campaign that will result in a stronger and healthier VAIB, strategically positioned to influence policy decisions at the Capitol well into the future. VAIB is your voice for Christian liberties; let’s work together to make it 14,000 strong!