Ask your delegate to VOTE NO to SJ5 & SB557

SJ5 and SB557 are companion bills designed to redefine marriage in the Virginia Constitution. VAIB stands with the biblical definition of marriage as being in the best interest of Virginia. Strong families start with one man and one woman. Children thrive best in this type of family. These bills will open a Pandora's box of definitions of marriage. These bills narrowly passed out of the Senate and will soon be considered in the House Privileges and Elections Committee. Ask your State Delegate...

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Ask your State Senator to vote NO for SJ5 and SB557!

Strong families start with one man and one woman. Children thrive best in this type of family.

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Ask your State Senator to vote NO to SJ5 and SB557

SJ5 and SB557 are companion bills designed to redefine marriage in the Virginia Constitution. VAIB stands with the biblical definition of marriage as being in the best interest of Virginia. Strong families start with one man and one woman. Children thrive best in this type of family. These bills will open a Pandora's box of definitions of marriage. Ask your State Senator to vote NO to SJ5 and SB557.

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2021 Voter Guide Available

Your vote is valuable! To help inform you regarding the positions of candidates, I'm providing information, that ranks Virginia candidates on “conservative principles and biblical values.” Click here to download the 2021 Voter Guide If you desire to host a voter registration at your church, you can point people online to Virginia Department of Elections, where they can register, check registration status, find their polling place, and even apply to...

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Voter Guides Available

Your vote is valuable! To help inform you regarding the positions of candidates, I am providing information on iVoterGuide, which ranks Virginia candidates on “conservative principles and biblical values.” Here is the link: https://ivoterguide.com/All-in-State/virginia You can even view your specific ballot by using the box at the right of the page “See your voter guide—My Ballot.” Just enter your zip code and click MY BALLOT.   If you desire to host a voter...

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Special Update: Gov. Northam’s Guidelines for Religious Services

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Dear Friend, I’ve done my best to give you recommendations for holding church services that comply with current restrictions on such gatherings. Today I received guidance on religious services from Gov. Northam’s office and wanted to pass it on to you. Fortunately, I see no differences from the recommendations I’ve already been providing. Attached are the guidelines provided by the governor’s office. I hope pastors will understand the governor’s...

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Ask your delegate to Vote NO to HB1049 & HB1663!

Oppose expanding protections for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity! HB1049 (Mark Levine) and HB1663 (Mark Sickles) will be in the House soon. Contact your delegate to VOTE NO to these bills which will unnecessarily create a protected class of citizens and potentially harm religious liberties in the process.  Thank you for speaking out on this important issue! Rev. Eddy Aliff Executive Director VAIB

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Volume 2 | January 24, 2020

General Assembly Update  #2, January 24, 2020 The week started with what was predicted to be a huge “gun rights” rally with liberals expecting it to become violent. For that reason, many did not come which usually show up on Martin Luther King Day. And all the hype about the “gun rights” rally was just that—a bunch of hype. Unlike years past, it was huge: an estimated twenty-two thousand came to express concerns for second amendment rights. I’ve never seen...

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Ask your legislators to Vote NO to HB980 & SB733!

Bills which will weaken abortion regulations and potentially endanger women who have an abortion are up for a final vote this week. Both of these bills will allow abortions to occur at most anytime during the pregnancy; in the first trimester, doctors and other licensed medical professionals (nurse practitioners, certified midwives) will be allowed to do abortions; the 24-hour waiting period will be removed so women can have same day abortions; and more! Contact your delegate and senator...

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Challenge to Virginia Pro-Life Laws DECIDED: Good & Bad News

Thank you for your prayers for God’s grace in this weighty assault on Virginia’s pro-life laws: Falls Church Medical v. Oliver. On September 30, Senior U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson handed down his lengthy and complex decision on the remaining legal motions of eight original motions challenging Virginia’s pro-life statutes filed in the summer of 2018. Last week’s opinion affirms certain protections for unborn children and their mothers, such as informed consent, ultrasound,...

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Celebrating Support for Life from the White House

After years of pro-life Virginians fighting against state and federal taxpayers being forced to subsidize Planned Parenthood, the White House issued a welcome executive order cutting $50 - $60 million to the abortion giant. Last year, the VAIB fought against a new $6 million sweetheart deal for Planned Parenthood to provide “long acting contraceptive devices.” However, in a last-minute budget bill, the General Assembly gave Governor Northam—who got $3 million in political support...

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Law in Effect: Pastors now mandated reporters

Virginia pastors have been officially added to the list of people “required to report suspected child abuse or neglect.” And like many new laws, HB 1659/SB 1257 is anything but straightforward. Here are several of the key provisions now affecting you and your team. WHAT: If a pastor has “reason to suspect” that a child has been abused or neglected, you “shall report the matter immediately.” WHERE: To the local Department of Social Services in the county or city...

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Falls Church Medical v. Oliver: Wait and Pray

Last summer, several abortion perpetrators jointly filed eight legal motions to overturn laws protecting women and unborn children in Virginia. These laws help define who can legally perform abortions, at what stage of life, in what facilities, under what licensure, the information that must be disclosed to the mother, and the time she should reflect before making a life-ending decision. On May 31, the two-week trial before Senior U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson ended, and now all parties await...

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Thank you! Your voice was heard!

Thank you for making your voice heard! While the vote for H.R. 5, The Equality Act, ended about how you and I expected (passing by a vote of 236 to 173), the opposition was united and clear. H.R. 5 is NOT about fairness. VAIB is a nonpartisan organization. That said, the vote broke along partisan lines in Virginia’s congressional delegation. Please THANK the following U.S. Representatives from Virginia for VOTING AGAINST H.R. 5: Robert Wittman (R), 1st District; Denver Riggleman (R), 5th; District;...

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Praising God: Judge Vacates Decision on Falls Church Medical v. Oliver

On Tuesday, May 14, Senior US District Judge Henry E. Hudson vacated his May 6 summary judgment that had struck down Virginia’s “Physician-Only Law” during the first trimester of a child’s life and had upheld it for the second trimester. Judge Hudson decided to push both decisions to the full trial. While this win may be short lived, we thank God for answering our prayers to restrict non-physicians from committing first-trimester abortions in Virginia! Please pray that the...

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Pray hard and tell God’s truths to your U.S. Representative!

As early as Tuesday evening, you and I are facing a direct legislative assault on the truths of God’s Word in the U.S. House of Representatives. Opponents of free speech, religious liberty, and protections for women and girls are trying to assassinate our civil rights. We must not let the lies of the world win the day without speaking out for what’s right and true.  Two hundred forty cosponsors (out of 435 members of congress) of H.R. 5, the “Equality Act” are planning...

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Deadly Lawsuit: Falls Church Medical Center v. Oliver

On May 6, Senior US District Judge Henry E. Hudson struck down Virginia’s “Physician-Only Law” (mandating that only a physician could legally perform an abortion) during the first trimester of a child’s life. He upheld the requirement for the second trimester of life. He seemed to indicate he would also remove certain licensure requirements for facilities that commit first-trimester abortions. This week’s opinion was based in part on the testimony of Dr. M. Norman Oliver,...

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VAIB Alert: May 15th Deadline - Dangerous Ban on Biologically Affirming Counseling

ACT NOW to DEFEND Biologically Affirming Counseling (BAC). Deadline: just before midnight MAY 15th. Minors who need potentially life-saving, Godly counseling are under threat of having helpful talk therapy BANNED in the Commonwealth. Social workers are under threat of having their licenses revoked and careers RUINED for speaking simple truths and following their conscience to actually treat a minor who desperately needs their help. After the Virginia Board of Psychology adopted a similar new guidance...

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Virginia March for Life: Praising Our Lord!

Thank you for your prayers and presence in support of the first official Virginia March for Life this month! What an encouraging way to start April! In response to Gov. Ralph Northam’s and Del. Kathy Tran’s now-infamous comments advocating infanticide, nearly seven thousand pro-life Virginians made our voices heard on the steps of the Capitol. April 3 is the General Assembly’s Veto Day, so every senator and delegate was required to be in Richmond to see and hear us. The ecumenically...

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Virginia March for Life: stop pro-abortion extremism!

Join the Rally and Virginia March for Life: Wednesday, April 3, 2019, in Richmond  In January, New York extremists stripped away every legal protection for unborn children in their state—and shamelessly celebrated their deadly decision. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Delegate Kathy Tran then publicly endorsed infanticide. You and I are responsible to speak for those who can’t. We must warn every Virginian about this barbaric threat to the most vulnerable among...

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Vote NO to Casinos in Virginia!

Bills to allow casinos in Virginia are being considered by Senators beginning on Friday, January 18.  Contact your Senator today to let them know you are opposed to expanding gambling in Virginia. Ask them to vote no on the following bills: SB1126- Sen. Louise Lucas SB1356- Sen. Frank Wagner SB1503- Sen. Bill Carrico SB1706- Sen. Lynwood Lewis Casinos are not the solution but will create more problems and in the long-run hurt Virginia. Contact your Senator today! Vote No to Casinos in Virginia!...

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