Praising God: Judge Vacates Decision on Falls Church Medical v. Oliver

Released: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

On Tuesday, May 14, Senior US District Judge Henry E. Hudson vacated his May 6 summary judgment that had struck down Virginia’s “Physician-Only Law” during the first trimester of a child’s life and had upheld it for the second
trimester. Judge Hudson decided to push both decisions to the full trial. While this win may be short lived, we thank God for answering our prayers to restrict non-physicians from committing first-trimester abortions in Virginia!

Please pray that the Physician-Only Law (mandating that only a physician can legally perform an abortion) remains in place after the final decision on Falls Church Medical Center v. Oliver.

Please also share this prayer request with others in asking the Lord that Judge Hudson will uphold the remaining protections for children and their mothers in our Commonwealth.