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Strengthening is about engaging the conflict over religious liberty in our country involving a series of battles in a longer culture war. A loss one year is not the end of an issue, and the same is true for success.

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Educating our constituency has been an area of weakness for us in the past---one we plan to actively address as we move forward into this next year. Our goal is that everyone understands the issues and how to be involved.

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"Your voice" or involvement simply refers to the level of response generated among independent Baptists in Virginia to legislative actions that affect their religious liberties. This involvement is critical to our success.

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Fired for NOT Lying

We’ve all read about officials having to resign in disgrace for telling a lie. The negative consequences of lying have been documented since the Garden of Eden, when the Serpent deceived Eve. But the West Point School Board unanimously...

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Words Matter

As we fight for religious liberty and other policies that honor God’s Word, we face a culture swamped with untruths. Some are simple misconceptions rooted in a lack of understanding. Others reflect bad actors intentionally, repeatedly...

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Changing the Rules: Attempt to Make Abortion Centers Even Less Safe

This summer, the Virginia Board of Health announced it would revisit regulations for licensure of abortion facilities “that perform five or more first trimester abortions per month.” The Board of Health will “amend the...

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Push for Casinos Intensifies in Virginia

Since September, I have been contacted by several pastors in Bristol, Virginia, who are concerned about a casino being built there. An article in the Bristol Herald Courier dated September 6 details how two local businessmen want to turn...

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