Becoming Involved with the VAIB

Two important VAIB targets include strengthening our position and educating constituents regarding critical issues affecting religious liberty in the state of Virginia. However, if we miss a third vital target, then education will prove worthless and our position will be weakened. In order to be effective in accomplishing our mission to “advance the rights, values, and liberties of independent Baptists in Virginia," we need to involve each member of each supporting church to support our mission. Whether by contacting their legislators, filling out a petition, showing up to an event, or participating in our meetings, the involvement of each pastor and church member is critical to VAIB's success.
Why is your involvement critical?
The VAIB tag line is “your voice for Christian liberties.” This tag line is more than just a saying. We believe strongly in our role as your representative. We do not seek to act on our own; we represent all independent Baptists in Virginia. And in order to represent you effectively to your elected officials, we must make our voice clear and strong. Elected officials are sent to the capitol to act on our behalf and in the best interest of their communities. But if they never hear from their constituents, they will remain unaware of their concerns. One way we intend to help you make your voice heard is through our "CapitolALERT," published here on the website, combined with the ability to sign a petition online for a specific bill before the General Assembly. We carry the weight of your voice with us to the capitol, and the more loud and active that voice, the more successful we will be.
What do we mean by “your voice”?
"Your voice" simply refers to the level of response generated among Independent Baptists in Virginia to legislative actions that affect their religious liberties. When we issue a CapitolALERT or request online signatures for a petition, your involvement is critical in giving us credibility with legislators. The greater the participation, the greater the weight we carry with legislators when we ask them to consider our position on an issue.
We would ask you to prayerfully consider your involvement with VAIB this year. We will need you to communicate to elected officials, sign petitions, participate in events, contribute financially through your church, and pray. Our hope is that you will lend your voice to thousands of other Independent Baptists in Virginia and see religious liberty strengthened and the cause of Christ advanced in our state.