Our Steering Committee

The ministry of VAIB is guided by fifteen pastors who serve as the steering committee. The state is divided into five regions. Each pastor serves a three-year term. In parentheses is the region and years of his term.
We appreciate the following pastors currently serving on the steering committee and for their leadership and vision for this ministry.

Steering Committee

Moderator, Pastor Heath Spivey (Valley 2021-2024)
     Crossroads BC, Fishersville
Vice Moderator, Pastor Jeff Hill (North 2022-2025)
     Vision BC, Ladysmith
Treasurer, Pastor Erik Hastings (Central 2021-2024)
     Truth BC, Mechanicsville
Pastor Greg Corcoran (North 2021-2024)
     Battlefield BC, Warrenton
Pastor Paul Mitchell (East 2021-2024)
     Wayside BC, Chesapeake
Pastor Brent Hockema (Valley 2022-2025)
     Smith Creek BC, New Market
Pastor Alan Garbutt (East 2022-2025)
Faith BC, Williamsburg
Pastor Michael Huffman (North 2023-2026)
     Vision BC, Ladysmith
Pastor James Sumpter (Central 2023-2026)
Landmark BC, Richmond
Pastor Watson Morgan (East 2023-2026)
Temple BC, Chesapeake
Pastor Keith Warren (Valley 2023-2026)
Liberty BC, Strasburg
Pastor Luke Benton (Southwest 2023-2026)
Immanuel BC, Clifton Forge
VACANT (Central 2022-2025)
VACANT (Southwest 2021-2024)
VACANT (Southwest 2022-2025)