General Assembly Update

2023 General Assembly
This page lists some of the legislation of concern to VAIB for the latest General Assembly session.
This list is intended to highlight certain important issues but is by no means exhaustive of the hundreds of bills we follow. 
REMEMBER: You have a voice! Contact your delegate or senator regarding your position on these items or any other issue.
Be kind, be brief, and be thankful when you contact a legislator.
  • CO - legislation is "Carried Over" to the next session for consideration.
  • PBI- "Passed By Indefinitely" means the legislation has failed.
  • TABLED- means the legislation has failed.
  • LEFT in committee- means the legislation has failed.
  • STRICKEN-  means the patron has removed the bill from consideration.
  • REPORTED- means the bill is progressing.
  • FAILED to report- means the bill was voted down or failed.
  • Committee of Conference- each chamber has passed different versions of the bill; conferees from each chamber meet to work out compromise or bill fails.
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