Vision and Mission of the VAIB

Vision: Advancing the rights, values, and liberties of independent Baptists in Virginia
Purpose Statement: is to rally the Independent Baptists in the Commonwealth of Virginia in strengthening our position on issues for the common good of all, and to inform pastors concerning things of a critical nature that affect our local churches and their ministries.
It shall in no wise be the purpose to promote any school, college, fellowship or personal interest group.

Our purpose is to:
  1. Strengthen. strengthening liberties by maintaining awareness of political issues and pursuing strategic relationships
    We work to strengthen religious liberty by keeping informed of the issues and by pursuing strategic relationships. This is accomplished through the efforts of the executive director.
  2. Educate. educating church members on both state and federal political issues that face independent Baptists in Virginia
    We work to educate God’s people on the issues that are facing independent Baptists at both the state and federal levels. This is accomplished through regular letters and emails, through the web site, and at the annual conference.
  3. Involve. involving every church member in the process by providing opportunities for action
    We work to involve every church member in the process by providing opportunities for action. We work to motivate pastors and church members to contact legislators, to attend our September meeting in Richmond, to hold voter registrations, to vote, and to pray for God’s help to make a difference in our state and nation.